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“It was just so fun”: Matt Damon Was Extremely Impressed With Marvel Star John Krasinski’s Genius, Compared Him With Best Friend Ben Affleck for a Surprising Reason

"It was just so fun": Matt Damon Was Extremely Impressed With Marvel Star John Krasinski's Genius, Compared Him With Best Friend Ben Affleck for a Surprising Reason

As the world is well aware, the remarkable duo of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck joined forces to pen the screenplay for the critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting. Years later, Damon was immersed in a similar collaborative endeavor, this time with the talented John Krasinski, known for his notable role in the beloved series The Office.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

Damon’s journey led him to yet another collaborative partnership with a fellow writer and actor in a fortunate turn of events. This creative alliance resulted in the 2012 drama Promised Land, which brought Damon and Krasinski together.

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Matt Damon Loved Working With John Krasinski

Damon and Krasinski co-wrote the screenplay and took on the roles of the lead actors in the film. While the talented Gus Van Sant took on the directorial reins, Matt Damon and Krasinski’s joint effort in crafting the compelling storyline served as the foundation for this thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

The genesis of the idea for Promised Land can be traced back to Krasinski, who drew inspiration from thought-provoking stories published in the renowned New York Times. Intrigued by the articles exploring the topic of hydraulic fracturing, Krasinski’s creative spark ignited. Parallel to John Krasinski‘s passion for the story and themes of the film, the acclaimed actor of the Bourne Identity series, Matt Damon, also found himself captivated by the narrative and underlying messages of Promised Land

“That’s personally something I think about a lot,” Damon said. “The rise in corporate power, increasing disenfranchisement, a feeling that the system is rigged.”

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Matt Damon Compared John Krasinski To Ben Affleck

Damon’s experience collaborating with Krasinski on writing the script for Promised Land was so enjoyable and fulfilling that he drew parallels to his previous collaborative partnership with Ben Affleck.

“The only other person I’ve ever written with is Ben [Affleck],” Damon once told Elle. “I had never sat down and written a script since Good Will Hunting. And it was just so fun. I just found it to be exactly like writing with Ben. Ideas wouldn’t totally form until we got together, and when we got together things would happen really fast.”

John Krasinski FandomWire
John Krasinski

Before his successful foray into movie stardom and directing, Krasinski had predominantly been recognized for his iconic role in the beloved television series, The Office. However, contemplating his career trajectory beyond The Office proved daunting for the talented filmmaker, who is also the creative genius behind the critically acclaimed A Quiet Place

“With the show coming to a close, my identity of being that character is going to be over. Basically I’ll be relying on what I’ve built and what I am and who I’m trying to be,’ Krasinski said.

Promised Land is available for rent and purchase on Google Play and Amazon Instant Video.

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