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‘It was lust at first sight’: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ Love Life Was Reportedly Just a Supernova of ‘Parties, Booze, Cigarettes, S*x, and Copious Amounts of Illicit Drugs’

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The years haven’t been kind to most people, especially as time and struggle find a way to take away most of the initial enthusiastic will we are born with to outshine in a world saturated with incredulous opportunities. The stars among this sad and unruly bunch, mostly the likes of Johnny Depp, find a way to cope with the anxieties of a limiting life by tuning into the wilder side of their fame and accessibility. It turns rowdier still when they find a partner-in-crime to accompany the peaks and troughs of their journey, whether self-destructive or otherwise.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival

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Johnny Depp and Kate Moss: A Rocky Road of Fame and Lust

Johnny Depp met Kate Moss in the early ’90s when the two were at the heights of their fame as an actor and a model respectively. Their ensuing relationship, which spanned the years from 1994 until 1997, was incendiary – to put it mildly.

In her book, Champagne Supernovas, author Maureen Callahan dissected the lives of celebrities remaking the fashion industry ranging from Alexander McQueen to Marc Jacobs. Among them was the British model, Kate Moss. Callahan recorded that the lives of Depp and Moss, who were dating at the time of the book’s publication, were constantly filled with “drink” and coke” – “Both had ravenous appetites for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, s*x.”

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss at a party
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss at a party

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Introduced at New York’s Café Tabac by Vanity Fair journalist, George Wayne, the passionate romance between Depp and Moss was detailed by an insider close to the former to People in 1994: They can’t keep their hands, lips, mouths, legs off of each other.” When the pair eventually broke up, Moss, who was 20 at the beginning of their relationship, had reportedly spent years and years of crying” before moving on from the Hollywood star, who was 11 years her senior.

The Dysfunctional Relationship of Hollywood and the ’90s

Whatever porcelain purity was contained within the relationship between Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder was gone beyond the years surpassing 1993. With Hollywood’s golden couple parting ways, it wasn’t only the audience who wailed at their failed belief about love triumphing all. Over the course of the following decade, Johnny Depp was on a path of acceleration – both within Hollywood and in his highly publicized struggle with alcohol and substance abuse.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp
Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

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The ’90s marked the epitome of most industry stars teetering on the edge of addiction and its ensuing tragedy, starting from Hollywood’s legacy children like Robert Downey Jr. to self-made A-listers like Johnny Depp. However, even as the ghastly stories of the former become hardly believable to the modern mind, it was Johnny Depp’s accounts throughout the ’90s that take the scales of fame and addiction to a completely new level.

Reports from the decade record Depp getting into physical altercations and consequent legal trouble due to consistently wrecking his hotel rooms. The actor would later become infamous for one particular incident which involved him getting into a fight with the paparazzi which ended up immortalizing the picture of a handcuffed Depp wearing a neon green woolen hat. The years beyond the ’90s followed the actor being on a road to attempted rehabilitation, although a majority of that journey has been sufficiently advertised over the course of the recent Depp-Heard trials.

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