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‘It Was My Dream Job’: As She-Hulk Keeps Getting Review-Bombed, Show’s Head Writer Says She Was Rejected From 3 Previous Marvel Projects Before Landing the Gig

MCU’s Phase Four line-up is almost at the end of its rope with She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. The Disney+ series is expected to incorporate a form of closing statement with its characters comprising those who are new to the universe as well as several that are veterans and being the last MCU Phase Four series, it will definitely go out with a bang.

She-Hulk stars Tatiana Maslany as the lead character, Jennifer Walters
The Disney+ series stars Tatiana Maslany as the lead character, Jennifer Walters

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The series constitutes a cast that introduces Tatiana Maslany and Jameela Jamil to the MCU alongside veterans like Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth, Benedict Wong, and Charlie Cox in their Marvel-designated roles.

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She-Hulk Writer Speaks Candidly About Her Job at Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the largest and most successful film and television franchise to date and it all started with Kevin Feige‘s vision and his promotion in 2007. However, it is not simply a powerful dream that makes one’s endeavors successful but the wit to execute that vision with decisions grounded in intelligence, logic, and shrewdness.

She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao
Series head writer Jessica Gao

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The latter part of the job included making decisions that would perhaps be the end of one person’s dream job in favor of the larger picture. That is exactly what had befallen She-Hulk‘s head writer, Jessica Gao, during the past when she had applied thrice to be the writer on Marvel’s projects. However, unfortunate circumstances led to her getting rejected in favor of others better suited for whatever project was in the works at the time.


Jessica Gao recently commented on her past encounters with the studio and how she received the news of finally getting a call confirming her hiring by Marvel.

“For me, I mean, I was elated, because it was a dream job, but also, I’d been rejected by Marvel three times on previous projects. So I was like, ‘Guess fourth time is the charm. It worked!’ It was the right project. I’m glad they rejected me so many times.”

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Jessica Gao’s Knowledge of the Marvel Universe

When it comes to She-Hulk, Jessica Gao is the kind of superfan that defies Kamala Khan‘s love for Captain Marvel. There is no one better equipped to handle the inclusion storyline of the superhero into the current timeline of Marvel’s universe but given the amount of review-bombing the series has been getting in its very first week of release, it becomes confusing whether her hiring was the right call on the studio’s part.

She-Hulk Attorney At Law
She-Hulk featuring Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo

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However, Gao was backed by many, including actor Ginger Gonzaga who went so far as to say “the universe waited for the one that was right for you.” In an interview with SlashFilm, the writer further revealed,

“The very first project that I pitched at Marvel was for the ‘Black Widow’ movie. And I had She-Hulk in my pitch, but so much of She-Hulk in my pitch that somebody actually commented, ‘It kind of feels like you’re pitching a She-Hulk movie with Black Widow in it.’ Clearly there was a reason why I didn’t get that job. I really do believe that all of that was for a reason, because ultimately, at the end of the day, the thing that I really wanted was ‘She-Hulk’ and those other projects weren’t ‘She-Hulk.'”

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law premieres on Disney+ today, 18 August, and streams weekly with episodes releasing every Thursday.


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