“It was not my proudest moment”: Ben Affleck Regretted Kissing Another Man for a Surprising Reason in Movie That Made Whopping 4800% Profit at Box-Office

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It is quite common for actors to engage in intimate scenes on-screen. Be it having to kiss someone of a gender you are not attracted to, or being romantic with someone you hate, this is something that actors have to deal with on a regular basis. Though many would not be aversive to the idea of kissing the talent Hollywood has to offer, some actors have had quite unfortunate experiences when locking lips with their co-stars.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck didn’t heed Clooney’s persuasion

The Justice League star, Ben Affleck is no different in this, having had two separate encounters where kissing his co-stars turned very awkward very quickly.

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Ben Affleck Regetted Kissing His Male Co-Star In 1997 Comedy Movie

Ben Affleck starred in the 1997 movie Chasing Amy alongside his co-star, Jason Lewis. In this movie, a scene required the two actors to kiss. Affleck talked about how this experience was for him, stating that this was one of the most challenging moments an actor would ever face. He mention that he had quite a lot of difficulty committing to the kiss and doesn’t think he performed the best he could have.

Ben Affleck
Hollywood star Ben Affleck

“the greatest challenge an actor can ever face,” and he added that “it was just difficult for me you know? And I didn’t think it would be. I really backed down from it in a way. I really could have done more of a committed job.” He even told The New York Times, “The kiss is in there, but it looks like Tom & Jerry. It’s not anything good. I tried to go open-mouthed, but something in me was, ‘Take your tongue back.’ And I was like, ‘No, you can do it! Push!’ It was not my proudest moment.”

The actor added that he overthought a lot during the kiss which ultimately ended with the scene not being as good as it could have been. Lewis was also nervous about the scene, like Affleck as director Kevin Smith mentioned that actors tried to avoid any associations with homosexuality in the 90s. The movie, however, ended up doing amazingly at the box office, with a budget of only $250 thousand, the movie made more than $12 million worldwide.

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Sandra Bullock Hated Kissing Ben Affleck Due To His Bad Breath

This, however, was not the first time that Ben Affleck had a bad experience kissing a co-star. During the filming of his 1999 movie, Force of Nature, where he starred alongside Sandra Bullock. The movie was a romance and comedy where Affleck and Bullock played love interests for each other and were therefore required to kiss.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock

This scene however seems to have not been all too fun for Bullock as media outlets claimed that the actress was complaining on set about the Batman actor having bad breath. She even went as far as to offer the actor a box of mints to make filming the scene more tolerable for her.

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