‘It was nowhere near an Oscar-level feature’: Chaos Ensues as Disney Submits Tenoch Huerta’s Namor as ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Oscars 2023, Divides Marvel Fans

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Over the years, Marvel Studios has given us some really exceptional characters with even more exceptional actors who have helmed said roles, and Tenoch Huerta is the latest addition to the roster of them. Playing as the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Talocan, his portrayal of Namor the Sub-Mariner is considered by many as one of the finest expressions of any character in the MCU after Thanos and a few others.

Namor Tenoch Huerta
Tenoch Huerta as Namor

People were so moved by the raw energy that Huerta brought to the table with his actions that the people who worked with him on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever were already convinced that audiences from around the world would be moved when they saw him in action. With this much steam built up behind his performance, Marvel Studios was quick to get on the bandwagon and submit his performance for the best supporting role to The Oscars, which for reasons, has divided the public over this decision.

The Public Is Unsure Whether Namor Should Be Nominated For The Oscars

Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Whether you’ve seen the film or have missed it, you might be familiar with the hype that surrounded Tenoch Huerta due to his exceptional performance of Namor the Sub-Mariner in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Said to be right up there with antagonists like Thanos and Loki, there wasn’t any kind of praise that the public hadn’t rewarded him with, going so far as to call Namor the highlight of the film.


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This was all the incentive that Marvel Studios needed to take the big decision to submit Namor to the 2023 Oscars under the Best Supporting Role category. This would be the 2nd time that another film from the Black Panther franchise would be nominated for an Oscar, making it the MCUs cash cow for prestigious awards.


But unlike last time, this decision by the cinematic juggernaut seems to have ruffled a lot of feathers as the MCU fandom along with many cinephiles are divided over whether this decision is the right one, or is it just a desperate attempt from Marvel Studios to garb an Academy Award.



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What Is Next For Tenoch Huerta?

Black Panther FandomWire
Letitia Wright and Tenoch Huerta

This time in Tenoch Huerta’s life has got to be one of the biggest highlights of his career as the star is shining brighter and brighter every day. From being a part of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico series to jumping on one of the most successful films of the year and delivering exponentially more than what was expected, it’s no surprise that he has only begun his journey. As fans demand more and more of Namor in the future, when can rest assured that there is a lot more Sub-Mariner for Marvel Studios to cash into.


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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, now in cinemas

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