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‘It was one of the coolest moments of my life’: Henry Cavill Revealed Tom Cruise Teased Him By Singing the Superman Theme Because Cavill Chose to Run Rather Than Ride a Car

Henry Cavill Revealed Tom Cruise Teased Him

Henry Cavill is one of those celebrities who always has some or the other anecdote or hilarious story in his pocket to share with his fans. And one such amusing story involving the Man of Steel star had come out during The Graham Norton Show a few years ago.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill’s Superman

And brownie points to the story, for it also involved a couple of other actors including Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg! The incident took place on a set of a film and it looked like all of them had tons of fun shooting a particular scene which ended up turning into a great story to tell.

A humorous incident took place on the set of Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Simon Pegg narrated a great story on The Graham Norton Show from when he, along with a few of other actors including Tom Cruise, Sean Harris, Ving Rhames, and Henry Cavill had been in Paris for the shooting of Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018).

“We were shooting a car chase in Paris,” he said, talking about how the car they had been in was quite a cramped one, especially for Rhames and Cavill who were both “big guys,” due to which Pegg was the one who ended up getting stuck in the middle of the two actors due to the lack of space.

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Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg shared an amusing incident about Henry Cavill

“Every time we finished the shot, we had to reset the shot, drive back to the start points, and do it again,” The World’s End star explained.

After a while during the shooting of the scene, Cavill had gotten exhausted of sitting in a car with such less space, and decided to run back to the point where they had to start from instead. It wasn’t even a major shocker because only DC’s Superman could do such a thing and be so fit that he would rather run than get driven around.

Tom Cruise teased Henry Cavill as he ran back to set

Pegg continued to share the story as he mentioned how The Witcher star chose to run back to the position instead of going by the car. “Henry took off and ran back to position one,” he stated. And all that while, the other actors drove the car right beside Cavill and messed with him.

“We just drove next to him going,” said the English comedian as he sung the tune of Superman‘s theme song, implying that they’d all whistled the tune as Cavill jogged beside their car. “He did the whole thing right next to him,” Cruise added pointing to his co-star.

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Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill posing for a photo

Cavill didn’t seem the least bit bothered by any of this and instead looked like he had thoroughly enjoyed that moment in Paris. “It’s one of the coolest moments of my life, having Tom Cruise do that driving next to you,” he joked.

Clark Kent and Ethan Hunt sure seemed to have one hell of a time on set. And kudos to their incredible sense of humor too!

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