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“It was pretty hot and heavy”: Tom Cruise Charmed 16 Years Older Cher Over Shared Disorder That Made Her Swoon Over $600M Actor

“It was pretty hot and heavy”: Tom Cruise Charmed 16 Years Older Cher Over Shared Disorder That Made Her Swoon Over $600M Actor

Tom Cruise is seen as a ladies’ man and has made a lot of actresses as well as fans swoon for him. However, in his adventurous love life, the actor had a brief fling with Cher. The iconic singer has been in relationships in which her significant other is far younger than her on various occasions. Their story was not as prominently known but, it was very close to the singer’s heart.

Cher and Tom Cruise
Cher and Tom Cruise

She knew the actor before he got into the Church of Scientology and adored every bit of him. She even put him in a high position, comparing Cruise to other lovers she had in the past and the time after the two broke up. Furthermore, the actor was only 23 when he and Cher got together.

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Cher And Tom Cruise’s Relationship Kindled Because Of Dyslexia

Tom Cruise and Cher first met each other during the wedding of Maddona and Sean Penn. While nothing major happened between them at the wedding, it was their second meeting that changed things. Cher was 38 and Cruise was 23 when the two met in the White House. During an event, dyslexic people were invited to the White House, and both the singer and the actor shared the disorder.

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

“He wasn’t a Scientologist then. It was pretty hot and heavy for a little minute. He’s a great guy. The person that I knew was a great and lovable guy.”

She talked about how he was a completely different person when the two met and she even confirmed that they did not immediately start dating. The two did hit it off and the connection they had was felt very evidently. However, they took their sweet time to take things forward. The singer even added that he was one of the best lovers she ever had.

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Cher Puts Tom Cruise In Her Top Five

Cher confirmed that her experience with Tom Cruise had been unlike any other. She even put him in her top five, stating that he was an incredible lover. She got together with the actor after she had already gotten divorced twice. However, she could never understand what attracted him to the Church of Scientology.


She never understood and nor did she want to, but that seemed to be a big part of how he changed as a person. The two never broke ties though. Despite having broken up, the two still happen to be great friends.

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