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“It was really traumatic”: Marvel Studios Reportedly Downplayed Black Panther Star Letitia Wright’s Severe Injuries After Actress Nearly Stopped Production Due to Controversial Views

“It was really traumatic”: Marvel Studios Reportedly Downplayed Black Panther Star Letitia Wright’s Severe Injuries After Actress Nearly Stopped Production Due to Controversial Views

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is all set to hit the theatres. The much-awaited sequel has already received an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, increasing the expectations and excitement of the fans. While Chadwick Boseman’s untimely demise shook the world to the core, the team had to incorporate his real-life passing into the reel life. However, this wasn’t the only problem faced by the team as Letitia Wright had to be hospitalized owing to the injuries she sustained on set.

Letitia Wright Black Panther Wakanda Forever
Letitia Wright at Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiere

According to new reports that have come up, the actress’s unfortunate accident was downplayed by Marvel Studios, and her actual injuries after the accident were much more serious than what was implied at first.

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Letitia Wright’s Horrible Injuries on Set

Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther (2018).
Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther (2018)

While the pandemic posed its own problems and restrictions, Letitia Wright getting injured on the sets of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever brought the production to an abrupt stop as she had to be hospitalized for a while. Back then, announcements were made stating that Wright’s injuries were only minimal.

That wasn’t quite the case. While filming a motorcycle chase scene, the biscuit rig that Wright was filming on, “clipped a median and shared the bike off, and it tumbled” according to producer Nate Moore.

This resulted in anything but minor injuries. The Ready Player One actress was hospitalized with a fractured shoulder and a concussion, plus other injuries as well. Looking back at it, Wright states that it was “really traumatic” and that she is working through the whole situation in therapy.

Both Moore and Ryan Coogler weren’t available in Boston when the incident happened and were over in Atlanta with the main unit. Coogler described what it was like about hearing about Wright’s accident stating that it felt like the “f*****g worst thing in the world.”

“It was about how you can imagine. I mean, I love these actors. That’s me and Chad’s little sister. Imagine that call that your little sister’s hurt. It’s the f*****g worst thing in the world.”

Even Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed that the whole situation was harsh, especially to the people who were already “emotionally strained.”

While everyone involved in the production was heavily affected by Wright’s accident, the question arises that why did Marvel Studios decide to keep the volume down on the whole situation.

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Why Marvel Hid the Truth Behind Letitia Wright’s Injuries

Black Panther
Chadwick Boseman Letitia Wright in Black Panther

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According to Variety, the whole downplay was to protect Wright’s privacy. Apart from this fans had their own theories, one of which involves speculations about Wright’s views on getting vaccinated, amidst a global pandemic. The rumors suggested that the actress was against vaccination, however, she herself denied anything of such sort saying it was “completely untrue.” Fans might’ve believed that the extent of her injuries was kept a secret so as to not create any more complications with the production of the movie.

Another reason why Marvel didn’t reveal the whole truth could be because they didn’t want to overshadow Chadwick Boseman’s one-year death anniversary. This is because the accident took place just a few days before the anniversary of his passing.

Whatever the case, all that matters now is Wright is all better and that she is “proud to have been able to bound back,” in her own words. The Black Panther team surely saw some ups and downs during filming.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is releasing in theatres on November 11, 2022.

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