“it was sh**y, it wasn’t good enough”: Daniel Radcliffe Refused to Work With Emma Watson After ‘Harry Potter’ in Her “Sh*ty” $126 Million Movie

Daniel Radcliffe Refused to Work With Emma Watson After 'Harry Potter' in Her "Sh*ty" $126 Million Movie
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Daniel Radcliffe, renowned for his portrayal of the iconic wizard, and Emma Watson, who breathed life into the brilliant Hermione Granger, shared an enchanting on-screen fellowship. Yet, as whispers claim, following the phenomenal success of the Harry Potter franchise, the 34-year-old declined an astounding $126 million deal for the movie This is the End, a decision that would have reunited him with the actress.

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Actor, Daniel Radcliffe

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Why Did Daniel Radcliffe Turn Down A Film Worth $126 Million?

Amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, a key moment awaited Daniel Radcliffe, an actor known for his remarkable performances. A staggering $126 million movie deal dropped before him, promising unimaginable wealth. 


The actor’s repertoire showcased a versatile journey, from charming romantic comedies like What If to quirky on-screen ventures like Swiss Army Man, where he portrayed an overblown corpse.

Daniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter Star, Daniel Radcliffe

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In this evolution, Radcliffe gracefully departed from his childhood stardom. However, there was one comedy script that didn’t align with his vision.


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s 2013 movie This Is the End, which was about a post-apocalyptic crisis, starred celebrities as exaggerated versions of themselves.

When the script reached the artist two years before others, he respectfully declined, finding it lacking. Goldberg revealed to the media,

“Two years before we brought it to anybody else, we brought it to Daniel Radcliffe, and he rejected it because it was sh***y, it wasn’t good enough.”

However, while the director made efforts to improve it, Radcliffe remained unconvinced, but in contrast, his Harry Potter co-star, Emma Watson, embraced the challenge, overcoming any confusion surrounding the script.


Daniel Radcliffe Refused To Accept Script Changes, But Emma Watson Eventually Embraced Them

Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson
Renowned Celebrities, Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson

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In the magical world of Harry Potter, Emma Watson graced the screen as the brilliant Hermione Granger, forming the iconic Golden Trio alongside Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

Following in her co-star’s footsteps, the 33-year-old soared beyond her child star origins, venturing into the realm of comedy alongside James Franco and Seth Rogen, shattering her established career image.


She welcomed her role as an exaggerated version of herself in the movie, unfazed by the unclear subject matter and tone of the writing. 

Radcliffe, on the other hand, was hesitant and decided to start working on the legendary black comedy Horns, which was directed by Alexandre Aja and released the same year as This Is the End and shows a mourning man’s progressive development into the Devil.

Despite the crew’s eagerness to reunite Watson and Radcliffe in their comedic venture, the latter couldn’t imagine himself in that world. 


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