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“It was so deep, there was a hole”: Hugh Jackman Freaked Out After Unintentionally Stabbing a Women While Shooting as Wolverine

hugh jackman as wolverine

When we think of the word commitment, Hugh Jackman is an actor who automatically comes to mind. The Australian star has always pushed himself physically and mentally to prepare himself for his roles in films. Most recently, the X-Men actor was trending on social media for his extreme training and diet regime that he undertook for his role as Wolverine in the much-awaited Deadpool 3. Jackman is also known to give his all during action scenes to create a realistic visual for audiences. But his enthusiasm almost resulted in a fatal situation on the set of X-Men.

Hugh jackman
Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman Mauls Stuntwoman

During a near-fatal incident in the first X-Men movie, Hugh Jackman who played the iconic Wolverine was responsible for almost taking the life of a stuntwoman on set. The Real Steel actor who was wearing metal talons, locked horns with Rebecca Romjin’s stunt double for her character Mystique. The fight which was filmed at the Statue of Liberty, involved the action star attacking the stuntwoman’s arm. Unfortunately, she did not move her hand away in time, resulting in the metal claws piercing through her arm almost an inch into her flesh. Jackman who was shocked by the accident spoke about his initial reactions and said,

“I was stunned. It was one of those things, it was so deep, there was a hole, there was no blood coming out and then like a minute later, it was like a geyser. I didn’t faint and I thought she was going to freak out, but she just said, ‘Yes! I have been stabbed by Wolverine!’ Typical stuntwoman”

Hugh jackman
Hugh Jackman’s metal talons injured a stuntwoman on the X-Men set

The star commended the stuntwoman’s courage and also confessed that after this harrowing incident, the real metal talons were permanently avoided on set to prevent further mishaps.

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What Is The Future of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman has played the iconic mutant Wolverine a staggering 11 times, starting from his prominent role in the X-Men franchise to stand-alone films like Logan. The Les Miserables actor is now preparing in earnest to reprise his role in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3. There are also mouthwatering prospects of Jackman’s Wolverine entering the MCU as an ally of the Avengers to fight Kang the Conqueror in Avengers: Secret wars.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman in Logan

But with the star’s rigorous training schedule that involves extreme measures to bulk up his body, rumor has it that Jackman may be too burnt out to commit to any future appearances as Wolverine. According to sources, the actor wants to prioritize his physical and mental health after Deadpool 3. This further means that Jackman’s presence in the MCU is still fluid. There is a possibility though that Marvel Studios could work around the storyline by keeping the celebrity’s health in mind, like making Wolverine wear the full-body X-Men suit instead of going shirtless. Another adjustment they could make could involve using extensive VFX during battle scenes instead of Hugh Jackman committing to his stunts.

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Source: Express UK

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