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“It was weird”: Johnny Depp Allegedly Made Amber Heard Feel “Embarrassed and Horrible” During Their Marriage

"It was weird": Johnny Depp Allegedly Made Amber Heard Feel "Embarrassed and Horrible" During Their Marriage

The Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard saga which went horribly sideways in front of billions of watching and preying eyes has finally died down (maybe). As the world approaches closer to the one-year anniversary of the infamous Fairfax defamation trial, people look back at the relationship and all its highs and lows that the two stars endured throughout their years of a difficult marriage, and which in its end, served to be the source of mass entertainment for a vast majority of the world.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

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Amber Heard Recalls a Painful Episode From Her Marriage

As depraved as the minds were in their attempts to mock, leer, and make memes out of the televised humiliation of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the former couple’s marriage itself was exponentially more painful over the course of its 2-year span, as one can well imagine. However, despite even the highly publicized courtroom proceedings, not all events were made explicitly known to the public or found relevant within the legalities of the matter. Heard, recalling one such event, claims:

“I wore a dress to an event once and I felt beautiful in it. Stupid as that sounds, I felt pretty in this dress I picked out and I showed him. I thought it was weird he wasn’t saying anything about it. I left him to go do this red carpet and I was like, ‘Did you see the event I went to?’ [And he replied] “I think the whole world saw that kid. That’s how they’ll remember you, that’s how the world will remember you.” My dress was low-cut, I get it, it was low-cut, but I felt really embarrassed and horrible that I wore that.”

Amber Heard in the Art of Elysium charity gala
Amber Heard in the Art of Elysium charity gala

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The claims which were addressed in court on May 4, 2022, have drawn the attention of the internet sleuths who, after a bit of digging in have found out the name of the charity event – Art of Elysium’s 5th Annual Heaven Gala, which took place in 2012, and in which Heard was found appearing in a shimmering gold gown.

Where Do Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Stand Now?

As far as the Fairfax defamation trial is concerned, the June 1 verdict that ruled both parties guilty of defamatory claims remains intact. The court ruled that Johnny Depp was to pay his former wife $2 million in punitive damages while Amber Heard was to pay Depp $10.35 million. Both parties appealed the verdict of the Fairfax County court and later settled the legal battle with the Aquaman actress paying $1 million to the Pirates actor.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

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Currently, both parties are far from being eager about testing their luck with another declaration of war. Johnny Depp’s career in Hollywood which looks like a bleak possibility (same as Heard’s) has given the veteran actor the opportunity to pursue his passion for music instead. Heard has been spending most of her time with her newborn, Oonagh Paige, and her family and friends in Europe.

Source: The Daily Express

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