“It was worth it”: Steven Spielberg Doesn’t Regret Deleting Indiana Jones Star Harrison Ford’s Scene from His $793M Sci-Fi Movie Written by Actor’s Ex-Wife

Steven Spielberg Doesn’t Regret Deleting Indiana Jones Star Harrison Ford’s Scene from His $793M Sci-Fi Movie Written by Actor’s Ex-Wife
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Harrison Ford is considered a true Hollywood legend because of his renowned name, which is intimately connected to unforgettable roles and captivating performances. A few names carry the weight and resonance that Steven Spielberg and the 80-year-old do in the entertainment industry. Their successful collaboration on numerous projects has produced incredible results.

Harrison Ford
Actor, Harrison Ford

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Nevertheless, Spielberg once chose to remove a scene featuring Ford from his critically acclaimed sci-fi masterpiece, E.T. the Extraterrestrial which was written by the actor’s ex-wife.


Harrison Ford Had A Cameo In E.T. the Extraterrestrial

Harrison Ford
Indiana Jones Star, Harrison Ford

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In a captivating revelation, the iconic actor Harrison Ford made a noteworthy cameo appearance in the beloved science fiction masterpiece, E.T. the Extraterrestrial. This movie masterpiece, directed by the renowned director Steven Spielberg, quickly became a global blockbuster, earning an incredible $793 million worldwide.

While E.T. the Extraterrestrial initially showcased a quick cameo by the artist, it regrettably faced the editor’s scissors during the post-production phase. Meanwhile, the filmmaker’s extraordinary creation held the prestigious distinction of being the highest-grossing film of all time for almost a decade.


This timeless sci-fi spectacle mesmerizes audiences with its powerful narrative, centered around a young protagonist named Elliot (portrayed by Henry Thomas), who develops a telepathic bond with his otherworldly companion, E.T.

While Ford’s scene didn’t grace the original release, its existence adds a captivating layer to the film’s rich history. Strangely, the actors’ ex-wife wrote the screenplay, which is an unusual way ties together personal and professional relationships.

Why Harrison Ford Sequence Was Removed From the Film

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford’s Scene Was Cut From Extra-Terrestrial

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The artistic decision to remove Ford’s sequence from the acclaimed film was carefully made by the director to ensure optimal narrative flow. During the careful editing process, it became apparent that removing Ford’s sequence was not necessary to enhance the overall pacing and integration of the narrative.

One of the greatest films ever made, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial immerses audiences in the incredible adventure of young Elliot (played by Henry Thomas). As the story unfolds, Elliot’s actions take an unexpected turn as he exhibits signs of intoxication, triggered by the alien’s consumption of beer while exploring the house unaccompanied. 

Unseen by audiences, Ford expertly portrayed the role of the stern school leader, criticizing Elliot while imparting valuable lessons about the danger of underage drinking.

Steven Spielberg’s Film, Extra-Terrestrial

Simultaneously, the supernatural powers of E.T. come into play as Elliot’s chair defies gravity, levitating towards the ceiling.

However, before the principal turns around, the chair silently returns to its original position on the ground, leaving no trace of the otherworldly occurrence. While Ford’s face remained hidden, his distinctive voice resonated throughout the scene, evoking recognition and intrigue.

Although Spielberg acknowledged the potential impact of the Blade Runner performer cameo on the film’s overall direction, he made the difficult decision to remove it, ensuring that the primary focus and narrative integrity remained intact.


Nonetheless, the 76-year-old hinted at the significance of the moment, highlighting how the absence of the scene provided young Thomas with a remarkable opportunity to personally meet the renowned star, leaving him starstruck and speechless. He said,

“It was worth it because that’s where [Henry] got a chance to meet Harrison.” 

While fans may have anticipated Ford’s contribution to the film, the exclusion ultimately served the purpose of refining the storytelling and preserving the final product’s artistic virtue. 

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