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“It was worth the wait”: Cillian Murphy’s MLB Doppelgänger Might Just Be a Bigger Christopher Nolan Fan Than the Actor Himself

Cillian Murphy’s MLB Doppelgänger Might Just Be a Bigger Christopher Nolan Fan Than the Actor Himself

Cillian Murphy has easily become one of the most well-recognized faces in Hollywood. Having played many characters with varying types of personalities and lives, there is doubt that he is an incredibly talented actor, fully immersing himself in the complex roles and projects that he takes up, making it hard to look away when the actor is on screen.

Cillian Murphy
Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy

Having worked with Christopher Nolan since 2005, the actor has starred in many projects with the filmmaker, like Dunkirk, Inception, and most recently Oppenheimer. It is because of this, that it is quite interesting to consider the fact that Murphy’s MLB Doppelgänger might just be a bigger fan of the filmmaker than the actor.

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What Does Tyler Glasnow Have To Say About Being Called Cillian Murphy’s Doppelgänger?

Tyler Glasnow is a professional American baseball player, the pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball. Outside of this, he is most well known for the similarities between his looks and that of Cillian Muphy. During a recent interview with GQ, the MLB player Was asked about this more specifically if this recognition has increased in recent times due to the hype surrounding the actor’s recent project, Oppenheimer.

Tyler Glasnow
Tyler Glasnow

“No, I’ve gotten it for a while, all the doppelgänger stuff. It’s definitely been more now, but there hasn’t been a big shift or anything. I don’t really look at Instagram. I’m not on there a ton, and I think most of this [lookalike conversation] is through online stuff. Sometimes I’ll get stopped in Tampa and stuff, but nothing crazy.”

During this interview, the athlete revealed that there hasn’t been a major shift in how much he gets confused with Murphy because of the release of the film as this is something that has been going on for quite some time now. He also revealed that he does not hear it as much as one would think as the conversation about their resemblance is much more present on the internet rather than in real life and he is not very active on social media. The most that he has experienced is getting stopped on the streets of Tampa every now and then.

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Is Tyler Glasnow A Bigger Fan Of Christopher Nolan Than Cillian Murphy?

Tyler Glasnow was then asked if he was a fan of Christopher Nolan and his response was quite interesting. He started off by telling GQ that it would be ridiculous for someone to not be a fan of the filmmaker, going on to gush over how good the films by him are specifically talking about Inception, Interstellar,

A still from Christopher Nolan's recent blockbuster Oppenheimer (2023)
A still from Christopher Nolan’s recent blockbuster Oppenheimer (2023)

“Yeah, of course. If you say you’re not a Christopher Nolan fan, you’re crazy. You know what I mean? He’s awesome. All his Batman movies are pretty sick. Is he Interstellar and Inception too? [GQ: Yes.] Holy shit. Interstellar is really good. Wow! I didn’t know that he did Interstellar. Maybe I don’t know that much. That movie is insane. I like—Cillian was in Batman Begins too, right? [GQ: Yes.] He does a lot of movies! Wow, that’s incredible.” he then talked about Oppenheimer,”it was worth the wait. I really loved it.”

Glasnow Then went on to talk about Nolan’s recent project Oppenheimer and how he was very excited about the film. Adding that the film lived up to its hype, he stated that it was definitely worth the wait, and the efforts and work put into the film were visible in the final product.

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Source: GQ

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