“It wasn’t a fit anymore”: Justin Bieber Takes a Page Out of Johnny Depp’s Book to Manage His $285 Million Empire

Justin Bieber brings in some key changes in his management team by hiring Johnny Depp's finance manager.

Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber
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  • Justin Bieber ended his association with his business manager Lou Taylor, after working together for several years.
  • Bieber engages the services of Johnny Depp's financial advisor, Edward White, with an aim for strategic financial guidance.
  • Longtime manager, Scooter Braun, is still managing Bieber, while Taylor is supporting the transition with White.
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In a surprising turn of events, pop sensation Justin Bieber has made significant changes to his professional team. Bidding farewell to his longtime business manager Lou Taylor, Bieber hired Johnny Depp’s financial advisor, Edward White, for a shift in financial strategy and managerial oversight.

Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center
Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center | image: Adam Sundana/Wikimedia Commons

Despite Lou Taylor’s experience in working with high-profile clients and managing Justin Bieber’s business affairs for several years, sources revealed that the singer and Taylor made a mutual transition. While Bieber is still associated with his longtime manager Scooter Braun, Edward White is now set to work with the singer alongside Johnny Depp.

Parting Ways with Lou Taylor, Justin Bieber Hired Johnny Depp’s Financial Advisor

After managing the pop sensation Justin Bieber and his business for years, Lou Taylor is no longer associated with the musician as per PEOPLE magazine. Sources close to the singer have revealed that by laying off Taylor, Bieber has hired Johnny Depp’s finance manager Edward White.


Although Justin Bieber had his companies — Bieber Time Touring LLC, Justin Bieber Brands LLC, and Bieber Time Merchandise — connected with Taylor’s company, Tri Star Sports And Entertainment Group, in 2022, the singer let go of her. Therefore, Taylor is now helping in a seamless transition for Edward White.

[Bieber and Taylor] parted ways a few weeks ago in May. It was a mutual and seamless transition. It wasn’t a fit anymore. Sources shared.

Justin Bieber in a still from his Yummy video
Justin Bieber in a still from his Yummy video

Meanwhile, despite letting go of Lou Taylor, Justin Bieber is said to be in contract with his longtime manager, Scooter Braun. Although Edward White is set to take over Bieber’s financial decisions, Braun is still in charge of certain things for the singer. While representatives of Braun and Bieber refused to speak on this, sources dished,

[Bieber’s] still in a contract and won’t be out of it for a long time.

After Lou Taylor, Bieber hired Johnny Depp’s financial manager, Edward White, and he is now set to manage both celebrities, simultaneously.


Edward White Will Now Work for Both Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber

The founder of Edward White & Co., who has merged his California-based firm with Eide Bailly, is popularly known for paying tax and consulting services. Throughout his tenure, White has acquired a long client list of several Hollywood stars, including Jack Nicholson and Allen Paulson.

Meanwhile, known for managing Johnny Depp‘s finances since 2016, Edward White is now set to tackle Justin Bieber’s $285M business empire, via Celebrity Net Worth. Taking over control from Lou Taylor, sources revealed that White is currently being supported by Bieber’s former manager in transition.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow | Disney, Warner Bros

[Taylor] has been supporting them in the transition with Edward White.

Justin Bieber’s decision to hire Edward White comes in the wake of selling his 291-song catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Capital at over $200 million in 2023. This means that the singer sold the rights to each one of his songs that he released, or had an interest in, up until the end of 2021, which also includes his six studio albums.


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