“It wasn’t about male or female, love is love”: Jim Carrey’s Dream Came True After Kissing Star Wars Actor Ewan McGregor, Called Him a Great Kisser

"It wasn't about male or female, love is love": Jim Carrey's Dream Came True After Kissing Star Wars Actor Ewan McGregor, Called Him a Great Kisser

The role of Ebenezer Scrooge in Disney’s 2009 adaptation of A Christmas Carol was bestowed upon comedian Jim Carrey. However, prior to this, the actor featured in the film I Love You Philip Morris, which raised some apprehensions within the studio.

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey

Carrey joined forces with Ewan McGregor, known for his role in Star Wars, for the film I Love You Phillip Morris. Released in 2009, this comedy had Carrey portraying a cop, who following an accident, decides to embrace his true sexual orientation. McGregor took on the role of his romantic interest in the film, and the movie didn’t shy away from its ultimately LGBTQ+ theme.

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Jim Carrey Loved Kissing Ewan McGregor

Jim Carrey expressed no reservations about sharing intimate scenes with his co-star Ewan McGregor. The star of The Mask humorously remarked that he might have even relished the experience, playfully referring to it as a dream fulfilled.

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“I mean, look at the guy. I have to say he is a great kisser,” Carrey once said according to NECN.

Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor

Approaching the scene with a more serious tone, Carrey revealed that he consciously set aside his own s*xuality while filming that particular sequence.

“Actually, you had to put of out your mind your own sexual preference and just try to understand that you were loving another person who happens to be a guy,” he said. “It wasn’t about male or female, love is love.”

Similarly, McGregor was comfortable with the scenes, expressing his openness to such moments on screen. 

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People Close To Jim Carrey Were Worried About The Character

Given that I Love You Phillip Morris drew its inspiration from a real-life story, Carrey had a wealth of material to tap into. He delved into his research by examining the actual Steven Russell, whose character Carrey portrayed in this less-recognized film. Carrey once told Glamour,

“I wasn’t allowed to go to the country and meet him. So, you know, I listened to recordings and it was fascinating to learn what excited him. I listened to dialogue about the movie; he was very excited that we were making it.”

Jim Carrey
Actor, Jim Carrey

During that period, Carrey’s involvement in a role like this undoubtedly garnered significant attention from both audiences and his circle of friends. However, Carrey emphasized that his primary focus wasn’t on potential criticism or backlash; rather, he was deeply committed to portraying the role with authenticity and integrity.

“I don’t care about the reaction if it’s a negative reaction. I care about amazing people, and it’s incredible what occurred; it’s a true story, and it’s love. There were people in my circle who were concerned about it yeah, saying ‘I don’t know man – there’s some pretty edgy stuff in there’, but you need to push these boundaries.”

The film managed to rake in just over $23 million worldwide. I Love You Phillip Morris can be streamed on Pluto or Plex.

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Source: NECN

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