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“It wasn’t my fault”: Fantastic Four Star Confirms He Would Never Return to the Franchise Again, Would Rather Eat Placentas

“It wasn’t my fault”: Fantastic Four Star Confirms He Would Never Return to the Franchise Again, Would Rather Eat Placentas

Taking a trip down memory lane, there used to be a time when the MCU was not a thing and Marvel Studios didn’t exist at all, and different companies owned the rights to many big superhero movie franchises. Among them, prestigious titles like The Fantastic Four and X-Men were owned by 20th Century Studios, who tried their best to make the most of this valuable resource by producing many movies and reboots.

Fantastic Four FandomWire
Fantastic Four

And after the completion of the series with just two movies in 2007 in the form of Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, the characters were put in the back seat by the company, where they stayed for the next seven years to come. Then, in 2015, we were greeted by the Four again in the reboot Fantastic 4, but contrary to expectations, the film didn’t hit it with the audiences. Now, as Marvel Studios tries to bring them back, the villain of the reboot film has no interest to return as Doctor Doom in the MCU.

Toby Kebbell Doesn’t Want To Return As Doctor Doom In Future Fantastic Four Movies

An image of the Fantastic Four in Fantastic 4 (2015).
An image of the Fantastic Four in Fantastic 4

As the reboot of the much-loved Fantastic Four franchise, 2015’s Fantastic 4 was a highly anticipated movie that was deemed to bring back the forgotten characters. But much to everyone’s dismay, the film bombed so hard in the theatres and the eyes of the fans that it was deemed the worst superhero movie instead. And so, the main antagonist made up his mind that his role, along with the movie was a big mistake that he would not repeat.

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Toby Kebbell, the star who played the role of Victor Von Doom in the 2015 reboot has clearly stated his intentions of probably never returning as the villain or any other character of the Fantastic Four. While discussing his upcoming season of Servant, the star revealed that he would rather eat placenta than return back as Doctor Doom just to be reminded he was horrendous in the role of the antagonist again. He said:

“Definitely the placenta puff. I’d eat a whole croque en bouche of placenta puffs rather than be asked if I would go back and be terrible as Doctor Doom again. ‘Hey, you were terrible as Doctor Doom. Would you go back and do it again?’ Eh, no. You’re absolutely right; it was not my fault.”

The reason for the reboot’s failure was largely due to the poor written script and deviation from the source material, plus the film lacked finesse in execution along with lackluster performances by the cast.

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When Can We See the Fantastic Four Again?

The potential MCU Fantastic Four cast
The conceptual MCU Fantastic Four cast

Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Studios was a blessing in disguise for Marvel Studios as now the company had taken another big step to reunite the characters of Marvel Comics on the big screen. This also meant that the rights of the X-Men and The Fantastic Four are now in the hands of Marvel Studios, which already seems to have plans on using them resourcefully. While it’s still unclear when we will see the two in the MCU, there are many rumors that point to them joining the MCU around the time of Avengers: Secret Wars.

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Avengers: Secret Wars, in cinemas on 1 May 2026

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