‘It will finally win something’: Morbius Gets Nominated for a Whopping 5 Razzie Awards Including ‘Worst Picture’ – Jared Leto Gets ‘Worst Actor’ Nomination

'It will finally win something': Morbius Gets Nominated for a Whopping 5 Razzie Awards Including 'Worst Picture' - Jared Leto Gets 'Worst Actor' Nomination

Morbius has a simple plot, a biochemist Michael Morbius played by Jared Leto, infects himself during an experiment endowing him with Vampirism. Director Daniel Espinosa tries hard to attract audiences with a star cast like Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, and Tyrese Gibson. The script fails the film, the superhero tropes are from the 90s, and the jokes feel decades old. The film is bland, disappointing and sometimes cringe.


We do not feel anything for the characters mostly because the film never bothered to tell us their motives, wants, and needs. We do not know who they are, all relationships seem forced, be it Morbius’ relationship with his family, or his romantic affair with Dr. Martine Bancroft. Considering these factors it is not a surprise that the film got nominated for the Razzies. Razzies is a parody of Awards that pick the worst films and performances of the year.

Fans say Razzies is the only way Morbius could win something


The film has been bashed by the internet on almost all platforms, when it was nominated for 5 Razzie Awards netizens mocked the film and claim that it deserved to win in all categories. The nominations have also created conflict regarding the need for Razzies as an organization. Some celebrated Morbius’ wins at the Razzies, whereas others give constructive feedback on the film and why it did not work. The film was peppered with easter eggs about Venom and Spider-Man however that after its failure at the Box Office Sony and Marvel might not bring back Morbius into it’s Cinematic Universe like it has intended to.

At the Razzies Morbius was nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Director(Daniel Espinosa), Worst Supporting Actress(Adria Arjona), Worst Screenplay, and Worst Actor(Jared Leto)

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The trailer of Morbius stirred some excitement but audiences returned disappointed from the theatres. It is said that the film was one of the worst performers at the box office earning less than any Marvel or Sony movie which says a lot about the film. The franchise released it as a stand alone film to establish the character.

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Jared Leto called the Worst Marvel Superhero

Jared Leto as Morbius

Morbius was released in the theatres after six date shits, the film features Morbius who will join Sony’s Superhero universe as an Anti-hero but fans could not be less enthusiastic about it. Morbius according to fans and critics is definitely not worth the wait. Journalists and critics said it is boring at best, many took to social media to share their opinions. The CGI is cringe and scary in a bad way, Matt Smith stands out as a savior to sore eyes but is wasted in a film like this.

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The actor Jared Leto is getting trolled on the internet for his questionable acting prowess, he is being tagged as the worst anti-hero till date. These harsh criticism and trolls for the actor are very disturbing, that said the actor could not bring the character Morbius to life. It is not so much the acting as it is the cringe story and plot that make Morbius the disappointment it is, the concept is far from novel, and neither are the sub-plots unique, the film fails to win the audience or the critics.

Morbius is streaming on Netflix

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