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“It would not go down very well”: Best Friend Matt Damon is Concerned About Ben Affleck Amid Rumors of His Troubled Marriage With Jennifer Lopez

Matt Damon

Ben Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez was one of the high-profile celebrity events of this year that took us by surprise. The couple, who has had a long history behind them and were engaged back in the early 2000s, now finally tied the knot in a whimsical elopement to Vegas. The two stars, known for their highly public and globally famous careers in film and music, have had a blissful few months before insiders tattle their tales of the couple’s unhappy marriage to the media.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck is being subjected to rumors of being puppeteered

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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage Exposed to Scrutiny

With the wedding only crossing the 2-month mark, the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez has been already exposed to the scrutiny of the rumor mill that keeps churning stories of broken bliss and discontentment. With no substantial facts to support the claim, outlets rely as usual on the random snapshots taken on the go of the Justice League actor’s transitory public appearances.

Ben Affleck and JLo at the premiere of her movie Marry Me
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of the latter’s movie Marry Me

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However, recently, an insider who wished to remain unnamed has spoken about the comings and goings of the newly wedded and the already forming cracks in the outwardly perfect life. According to the source who spoke to Heat magazine, it has been revealed that JLo is intent on puppeteering Affleck and the latter is in too deep to realize the shifting imbalance and his partner’s manipulations in their relationship.

Insider Source Reveals JLo & Ben Affleck’s Dirty Laundry

Ben Affleck and JLo 18 years later
Ben Affleck and JLo reunite 18 years later

It’s no news that every Hollywood couple has had to bear their fair share of traumatizing media exposure, often pushing them to the edge of a breakdown. The complicated relationship of Hollywood stars with the media and the glamour surrounding them has always played into one another and kept each other relevant. The insider who wished to opine about the marital life of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez becomes yet another factor contributing to the mass scrutiny.

“Everyone, including Ben, knew what marrying Jennifer would entail, but it’s hard to believe he is 100 percent happy when he’s so visibly awkward and lost-looking. It’s almost as if he’s turned into J-Lo’s puppet, just like all the other guys before him, and there’s a strong sense that he’s accepted this is his path, at least for now.

The likes of Matt Damon and his brother Casey have been shaking their heads and hoping he snaps out of it. The poor guy looks like he’s about to burst into tears at any time. [Affleck hasn’t] raised any complaints to Jen [probably because if he] started asking for space, it would not go down very well.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at their Georgia wedding
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at their Georgia wedding

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Although all of it sounds a bit too unreal and far-fetched to be true, the relationship and personal mental health history of Ben Affleck do raise threads of suspicion in the public’s wandering minds about the extent of truth to these assumptions and suppositions. The insider has also claimed:

“Jen would be the first to admit she’s needy, but with Ben it’s on another level. It doesn’t even enter her head that she’s asking too much of him. She views them as the superstar couple of their generation – if not all of time – and so they come as a package deal.

Jen very much wears the pants. She tells him how to dress, eat, work out – how to live his whole life. This is a whole new version of Ben and it’s kind of sad to see. He’s turning into J-Lo’s personal robot.”

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tied the knot in the former’s Riceboro, Georgia estate in a glamorous second wedding on August 20th this year among friends, co-workers, and family. While JLo is still making music and acting in romcoms, Affleck is busy operating as the DCEU’s Batman with his updated filmography citing his role in the upcoming The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Source: Heat World 

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