“It would’ve destroyed the whole movie”: Britney Spears Cries in Old Audition Footage For The Notebook, Fans Are Relieved Rachel McAdams Got the Part

Old audition footage of Britney Spears auditioning for 'The Notebook' as Allie has recently surfaced.

Britney Spears Cries in Old Audition Footage For The Notebook, Fans Are Relieved Rachel McAdams Got the Part


  • Amidst Britney Spears' newly released memoir, an old audition tape shows the pop singer auditioning for the role of Allie Hamilton in 'The Notebook.'
  • While fans acknowledged Spears' talent, the majority expressed relief that Rachel McAdams was cast instead.
  • Spears's memoir reveals her regret over declining a role in 'Chicago' and provides insight into her career decisions.
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Imagine a parallel universe where Britney Spears portrays the iconic role of Allie in The Notebook instead of Rachel McAdams. It may be hard to picture, but recently, old audition tapes of Britney Spears trying out for the part have surfaced, adding to Hollywood’s “what-could-have-been” archives.


The tapes show a teary Britney Spears during her audition for the timeless romance. This has sparked curiosity, nostalgia, and, surprisingly, a sigh of relief that Rachel McAdams ultimately landed the role.

Britney Spears’ Audition For The Notebook Almost Changed Everything

Britney Spears in The Notebook Audition
Britney Spears in The Notebook Auditions

In Britney Spears’s memoir, she mentions her audition for the role of Allie Hamilton in Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook. The role required her to showcase her dramatic acting skills, contrasting her pop star persona.


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In the old audition footage, we see a vulnerable and raw side of Britney as she lays her acting chops bare. This side of her is rarely seen in public, which makes it all the more intriguing to witness. As the footage of Britney Spears auditioning for the lead role in The Notebook made its way onto social media platforms, reactions from fans of the iconic romantic film poured in.

The Notebook
The Notebook



While many appreciated Spears’s acting talent, others couldn’t help but express their relief. One standout comment from YouTube user @Brandy88311 captured the consensus:

“Thank God. If she was cast in The Notebook, it would have destroyed the movie.”

While this opinion may seem harsh, it is not an isolated one. The internet community seems to agree that Rachel McAdams was the perfect fit for the role of Allie despite Spears’s undeniable talent.


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Rachel McAdams: The Perfect Allie Hamilton

Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams

When Rachel McAdams took on the role of Allie Hamilton, she wasn’t just acting – she was fully embodying the character. The actress’ chemistry with co-star Ryan Gosling was so strong it turned The Notebook into more than just a movie, but an emotional journey for the audience. When asked in 2004 about competing for the role, McAdams stated she was unaware of Britney Spears’s audition.

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Britney Spears has not acted in many movies, but her performances have been memorable. Her debut in Crossroads was promising, and learning about her audition for The Notebook adds a new layer to our understanding of her ambitions and talents.

However, it’s not just about the roles she missed but about her choices. In her memoir, Spears expresses regret over declining a part in Chicago, a role that would have allowed her to portray a darker, more complex character.

In the end, regardless of how the outcome would have been for The Notebook, knowing how bad Britney Spears’  conservatorship was throughout those years, the Queen of Pop’s acting career would’ve been on the low just like her music career was.

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