“It’d be great if we lived in a different reality”: Even Bruce Timm Regretted DCAU Focusing on Batman & Justice League, Name-dropped 2 Heroes He Missed Out on

Not Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, Bruce Timm wants to give chance to underrated DC characters.

bruce timm, batman & justice league
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  • Bruce Timm is no less than a legend for his contributions to the world of DC Animated Universe.
  • Known for bringing some of the best DC stories to life, the animator regrets focusing majorly on main DC characters.
  • Wanting to bring characters like the Question to the mainstream, Timm also revealed why he loves Batman.
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In the world of comics and animations, Bruce Timm is a highly influential figure known best for his work in DCAU. An artist, animator, producer, writer, and director, Timm is a key figure in crafting the modern animated world of DC comics, particularly regarding the character Batman.

Bruce Timm
DC animator and producer Bruce Timm (image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

From Justice League to Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and more, Timm has been a part of several animated movies and series centered on various DC characters. Despite being praised for pretty much laying the foundation of the DCAU that we know today, the director regrets the focus on major DC characters while sidelining others.

Bruce Timm Regrets The Excessive Focus On Major Characters in the DCAU

Bruce Wayne as Batman
Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series

Bruce Timm has been busy over the past decades, working frantically to bring some of the best DC Animated Universe projects to life. From Justice League Unlimited to The Dark Knights Returns, his work has been praised for its stylish animation, streamlined designs, expressive characterizations, and more.


Yet, despite all this time, Timm can hardly believe it has been so long, a revelation he made in his recent interview with Science Fiction.com. And now after 10 years and more, Timm hopes to make more animated series, hopefully not focused on just major characters like Batman, Superman, etc.

“From now on all it’s going to be is Jack Kirby. All day long. OMAC and the Forever People, Dingbats of Danger Street…. But realistically, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League… They’re the ones that test the best. You know, it’d be great if we lived in a different reality where we could do a Creeper movie or a Question movie or whatever, but…”

Stated Timm as he went on to remark how he regrets that the DCAU tends to focus more on major DC characters and hopes that characters like the Creeper and the Question can make their way to the mainstream.

Adding on how he hopes to scratch some itches that we don’t often get to Timm’s persistence in bringing more DC characters to the mainstream is admirable, and we hope that he gets to tell more diverse stories sooner or later.


Bruce Timm on His Love for the Dark Knight

Bruce Timm | Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Bruce Timm is really fond of Batman | Credits: Wikimedia Commons

For the major part of his career, Bruce Timm has extensively worked on the many tales of the Dark Knight, a character he also shares his first name with. Batman: The Animated SeriesThe New Batman Adventures, and Batman: Under the Red Hood are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Timm’s contribution to the Dark Knight’s mythos is concerned.

An important part of his career, Timm revealed what makes him so fond of the character while talking to Science Fiction.com.

“‘What does Batman mean?’ I don’t know! That’s a tough one! ‘Batman means love, Batman means…’ [laughs] I don’t know. He means a lot of things to me. I mean, he was my very first superhero when I was a kid. He was my gateway to comics and superheroes.”

Not only does Timm think the character had the best costume but the DCAU auteur believes Batman had the best origin story out of all the characters. Well, we hope that Bruce Timm continues to push boundaries through his art, whether it is within the DCAU or outside.


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