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‘It’ll never actually happen’: Terrifier 2 Director Submits Movie That Made Viewers Vomit and Pass Out for Oscars Nomination Just So He Could See Academy Members Squirm

Terrifier 2

Slasher horror movies have always been that sub-genre of films that only the most strong-willed among us have been able to enjoy. from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Friday The 13th series, all these films have a cult following among the people with some guts who actually can sit through the entire run time without turning their eyes away from the screen. And these films especially prosper when the month of Halloween is just around the corner when everyone is in the mood to be scared out of their socks.

John Carpenter FandomWire
Michael Myers in one of the Halloween movies

This year, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Terrifier has established itself as one of the most disgusting and vomit-inducing additions to the Slasher genre of horror films.

But why partake in a feast when you cant share it with everyone, right? The good folks at Bloody-Disgusting have had the same compassionate thought in their mind, so the best way that they thought they could do this was to send this Terrifier 2 for an Oscar submission this year, because why not?

Terrifier 2 Officially Submitted For The Oscars!

As many of you might not know, when it comes to horror movies in general, the folks at The Academy don’t think too highly of this genre of filmmaking, even considering it beneath them. But  that’s exactly why Brad Miska, the co-founder of Bloody-Disgusting, a website for all news related to gory and borderline gut-wrenching horror, thought it would be very funny to make The Academy people watch Terrifier 2, an unrated, unfiltered and unchained Slasher film that even the most hardcore Slasher fans are calling “One of the most disgusting and vomit-inducing films of the century.”

Terrifier 2 Slasher
Still image from Terrifier 2

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In a recent article on their website, Brad Miska shared his thoughts about how this particular film has been taking over the Halloween weekend at the box office, and also sharing his gratitude to the fans of the Slasher genre to make this film the great success that it has become. He reveals that he knows about the situation of the genre and how The Academy will never take note of this kind of film, but that is exactly the reason why Terrifier 2 needs to be submitted, to inflict the same amount of horror into the poised folks from the Oscars.

 “No, it will never actually happen (Terrifier 2 getting an oscar). Yes, it’s a total goof. But you know what? The thought of having members of The Academy  endure an extreme unrated horror movie that they would otherwise consider beneath them? That’s just too hilarious of an opportunity to pass up .”

The fans of Terrifier 2 have also been running a #OscarForArt campaign by tagging @TheAcademy on their posts about the film to gain as much attention from the people from The Oscars to give this absolutely disturbing film an unenthusiastic watch.

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What Is Terrifier 2?

Terrifier 2 Horror
David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown in Terrifier 2

Terrifier 2 is the much-awaited Slasher horror film created by Damien Leone. The film follows the serial killer Art The Clown, who has been resurrected by an entity of evil origin. He now has the goal to return to Miles county, where he terrorizes a young teenage girl and her younger brother on the eve of Halloween. The film has been termed one of the goriest and most disgusting Slasher films in history, even making the audience pass out with the graphic morbidness that it has in store.

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Terrifier 2, streaming exclusively on SCREAMBOX!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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