It’s a Bad Day for Sukuna Fans: Jujutsu Kaisen Theory Seemingly Confirms Gojo Satoru’s Return

A Theory suggest that a hidden Gojo Satoru's Technique that has been foreshadowed in the series might bring him back.

It's a Bad Day for Sukuna Fans: Jujutsu Kaisen Theory Seemingly Confirms Gojo Satoru's Return


  • Gojo Satoru's Death has shocked the world and fans can't accept his death yet.
  • Many theories suggest his comeback but one of them holds the most credibility.
  • Gojo might come back because of a hidden technique that has been foreshadowed in the series.

The shocking revelation about Gojo Satoru’s fate in the popular manga series Jujutsu Kaisen has become one of the most talked about topics on the internet. Chapter 236 has left fans of the series wondering about the fate of Gojo Satoru, the fearsome sorcerer who appears to have died at the hands of Sukuna. Gege Akutami completely inverted the storyline and announced that the Sukuna had won the battle, only moments after declaring Gojo as the initial winner.

Gojo Satoru Blindfold
Gojo Satoru

However, there is a theory going around about how Gojo could return and rejoin the fold with a new technique, and while this seems incredibly unlikely, there are some legitimate points for said theory. If Gojo returns, it will change the outcome and the current approach of the story in a big way.

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Gojo Satoru’s Death Shocked the Entire World

Chapter 236 of Jujutsu Kaisen proved to be incredibly difficult, delivering Gojo’s demise in an unexpected turn of events. In the chapter, Gojo Satoru, who is most certainly the most popular character in the entire JJK series, ultimately gets killed. Gojo engaged in a lengthy encounter with Sukuna, and it is reasonable to argue that this was the best battle in Jujutsu Kaisen thus far. Sukuna was on the ropes the entire time, and even while on defense, Gojo performed considerably better than Sukuna throughout the fight.

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Gojo Satoru's Death
Gojo Satoru’s Death

However, in the middle of the encounter, Sukuna evolved and used an entirely new method to defeat Gojo, shocking fans. After the final attack, Gojo’s body is seen sliced in half with his upper body lying lifeless on the floor. This scene was too hard for the fans to watch. Many fans believe that just like before Gojo will make an eventual return to the story and regain his title of the strongest in the world. They have devised many theories to suggest his return but there is one that makes the most sense.

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Jujutsu Kaisen‘s Theory Confirms Gojo Satoru’s Return

There is a popular theory going on among Jujutsu Kaisen supporters that Satoru Gojo has yet to discover a final Hollow technique, and that this one will involve the color white. The anime adaptation of the Hidden Inventory storyline has gently hinted at the existence of several colors within Gojo’s Hollow technique, including red, blue, purple, and white. One of the manga volume covers depicts Gojo removing his blindfold and holding a white ray of energy. This repeating white feature shows its importance in the story. This notion is further supported by the July cover of Shonen Jump, which has Gojo and Yuji Itadori surrounded by white energy rays.

Gojo Satoru White Technique
Gojo Satoru White Technique

Akutami might bring Gojo back, and the series has certain narrative elements that could make the decision relatively plausible. While there is a scenario that justifies his arrival, restoring such a significant character may present more obstacles than solutions to the development of the storyline.

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