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“It’s a bit disrespectful..makes no sense”: Cobra Kai Series Creator Faces Backlash After Making a Disheartening Announcement on the Next Karate Kid Movie

Cobra Kai Series Creator Faces Backlash After Making a Disheartening Announcement on the Next Karate Kid Movie

Cobra Kai has made quite a name for itself among the audience. The series not only catered to the audience who already loved The Karate Kid franchise from the 80s but also attracted a wide new fanbase. As the fifth season of the season is currently streaming on Netflix, Sony announced a brand new theatrical film based on The Karate Kid franchise. But just as everyone started to find its connections with Cobra Kai, the co-creator of the show denied it and simply stated that he doesn’t know much about it.

Cobra Kai
The upcoming Karate Kid movie is not going to be a part of Cobra Kai

The announcement of a new movie has left the audiences shocked as well as surprised. Soon after the co-creator of the show denied any involvement, the fans also took to Twitter to express how least excited they are for the movie.

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The upcoming movie is not a part of the Miyagi-verse

The Cobra Kai series serves as a direct sequel to The Karate Kid franchise that started in 1984 and ended with four movies in 1994. Comprising, they are called the Miyagi-verse. The series focuses on the lives of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence after 30 years of the original movie. Although another movie starring Jackie Chan was released in 2010, it acted as a whole different plot and focused more on Kung Fu. If the reports are to be believed then this new movie is not connected to it. 

Fandomwire Video
The next Karate Kid movie
Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid

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The news came soon after Sony announced the movie and a fan asked the creators of the show if it will be a part of it. The co-creator of the show Jon Hurwitz stated that he and the others would be happy to direct a movie on the Miyagi-verse but this is something else. 


The announcement already invited a lot of backlashes. More precisely they are confused about how this movie can be an active part of the franchise without being connected to Cobra Kai. Although the last movie of the franchise released in 2010 followed a different story and acted as a reboot, the chances are dim that this movie will also follow a similar path. 

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The Cobra Kai fans blast the upcoming movie

Cobra Kai season 5
William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence

As soon as the co-creator of Cobra Kai Jon Hurwitz denied any connection of the movie with the Netflix series, the fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment. They took no time to express that the movie’s bound to fail if it doesn’t follow the Cobra Kai storyline.

Recently the Daniel LaRusso actor Ralph Macchio also said that with the Cobra Kai, there are also chances for a potential Karate Kid Cinematic Universe with numerous series and spin-offs. Now it will be interesting to know which direction Sony follows for this upcoming venture.


The Karate Kid is slated to be released on June 7, 2024. 

All the seasons of Cobra Kai are streaming on Netflix.

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