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“It’s a bore to watch him be a klutz”: Christopher Reeve Revealed He Wanted a More Nuanced and Conflicted Superman, Fans Claim Late Actor Would Have Loved Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill

Christopher Reeve Revealed He Wanted a More Nuanced and Conflicted Superman, Fans Claim Late Actor Would Have Loved Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill

Christopher Reeve earned a lot of recognition and acclamation for playing the titular character of DC’s Superman in the ’90s.

Superman (1978) following its three sequels starring the American actor, instantly bagged popularity and admiration among fans and charted a strong and successful course for the journey of the superhero with the red cape in the future.

Christopher Reeve's Superman
Christopher Reeve’s Superman

But even garnering such positive reviews for portraying the character so impeccably, Christopher Reeve had been a little underwhelmed with the role as he admitted he wanted his Superman to be more refined with a tinge of conflict, something that would make his character stand out more.

Christopher Reeve on the portrayal of Superman

After doing four great Superman movies, Christopher Reeve had apparently still not been completely satisfied with the way his Clark Kent had been depicted on the big screens, claiming that he would have preferred a little bit of strife being added to the layout of his character instead of him being portrayed as a complete do-gooder.

“I felt that after two films worth of bumping into doors,” the late actor had remarked. “By now, by now I should know where the doors are…” he said in reference to his Superman. “It’s a bore to watch him be a klutz all the time.”

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Christopher Reeve as Superman in Superman (1978).
Christopher Reeve in Superman (1978)

While Reeve held such an opinion, Henry Cavill, the British actor who is currently the face of DC’s Superman, is of a completely different perspective when it comes to the character. He has always had a hopeful and more optimistic vision of Clark Kent, one that sets him apart from unnecessary evil and carnage, and instead places him in a positive light.

But even with that being the case, the way Zack Snyder brought Cavill’s Superman to life, especially in Man of Steel, DC fans believe that Christopher Reeve would have loved this representation of the superhero which paints him in a more realistic shade, one that he wanted his character to be cast in.

DC fans claim Christopher Reeve would’ve loved Henry Cavill’s Superman

It is true that Cavill has admitted to wanting his Superman to be a better man on more than one occasion. But that doesn’t mean his Clark Kent was anything short of iconic in Snyder’s Man of Steel and Justice League.

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Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill as the DCEU’s Superman

One of the major reasons why Reeve’s Superman immediately became a fan-favorite at the time was because the actor delivered the role in such a manner that all the aspects that made Superman one of a kind were highlighted in the perfect way, from his humility to his unending valor. And Cavill is known for the same, for bringing out the true essence of his character on the screen through a series of brilliant performances and spectacular build-up.

DC fans believe that the late Rear Window actor would have genuinely admired Cavill’s Superman had he been here today.

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People also pointed out the stark similarities between the two actors besides their physical appearance, claiming how the two presented a lot of shared traits otherwise as well.

Now that Henry Cavill has reclaimed his position as DC’s Superman after a long time of discord between him and WB, fans are excited to see what the iteration of the superhero is going to be like this time, with a potential Man of Steel sequel reportedly in the works.

Man of Steel is available for streaming on Disney+

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