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“It’s a deliberate attack on Latinos”: James Franco Landing Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro Role After Shelving Latina Female Led Batgirl Leaves Latin Americans Fuming, Claim Hollywood Doesn’t Care About Representation

It’s just another weekday in Hollywood when news on 4th August relays that James Franco is set to star as the radical Cuban revolutionary and dictator, Fidel Castro. Gross displeasure and irritation take root at every corner of the public arena toward the industry that has left fresh scars of canceling a Latino-female-led superhero movie. Rubbing salt on the wound then becomes an appropriate idiom when another white male decidedly lands a role that could potentially cancel him, if his past deeds already haven’t so far.

James Franco
James Franco

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James Franco Evades Cancel Culture and Now Plays Castro

The American actor has been the subject of controversial news for quite some time now. Under the limelight of Hollywood, James Franco stands accused of sexual misconduct allegations, and yet, the industry turns a blind eye, labeling him as innocent-until-proven-guilty — a luxury that eludes many in this day and age.

Ana Villafane to portray Alina Fernandez in Alina of Cuba feature film
Ana Villafane to portray Alina Fernandez in Alina of Cuba feature film

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Despite lawsuits, Franco soars high, magnanimously landing the role of the infamous Cuban dictator under the encouraging and sheltered wing of Alina Fernandez, the daughter of Fidel Castro. For so many numerous reasons that are glaringly obvious and painfully transparent, the casting choice is one that comes at the wrong time and to the wrong person, and it shows in the ongoing avalanche of mass criticisms, and public harangue, and social media chatter.

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Why Hollywood Is Being Offensive With Franco’s Casting

Fidel Castro was Cuban. James Franco is American. It is cultural appropriation in its basest element for the latter to play the former. Franco isn’t sufficiently qualified to play Castro just because the casting director finds similarities between the predominant bone structure between the two. But most of all, James Franco represents the nation against which Castro led his revolution.

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro

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If one moves away from the inherent and blatant offense that the casting brings to the Latino demography of the world, then one might look at the current trend being set by Hollywood — an industry whose narrative focuses on art, culture, representation, diversity, society, and history. Warner Bros. Discovery has shelved Batgirl, the first major female Afro-Latino protagonist represented in a solo superhero movie because David Zaslav doesn’t want to put a movie out “unless [the company] believes in it”.

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The move, being hailed as a part of WB Discovery’s strategy is being looked at as a blatant attack on Latinos, especially if one takes into account that Ezra Miller’s The Flash still remains on the launchpad, coupled with the dangerous precedent set by Hollywood with the doubly ignorant decision to cast a white American accused of sexual misconduct in the role of a Latin political and socio-historical figure.

Alina of Cuba: La Hija Rebelde doesn’t have a release date yet.

Source: Variety