“It’s a pretty solid movie I can’t lie”: Shocking Update on Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web After Critics Trashed the Movie With Awful Reviews 

Viewers defend Dakota Johnson's Madam Web despite critic critiques, describing it as a "Pretty Solid" movie.

"It's a pretty solid movie I can't lie": Shocking Update on Dakota Johnson's Madame Web After Critics Trashed the Movie With Awful Reviews 


  • Critics blast Dakota Johnson's Madam Web, citing a confusing script, stale action, and cheap visuals.
  • USA Today rates the film poorly, criticizing bad dialogue, negligible character development, and B-movie elements.
  • Critics and fans have differing opinions on Dakota Johnson's portrayal of the ⅘Madam Web, highlighting the subjective nature of film criticism.
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Following the storm of criticism aimed at Dakota Johnson’s rendition of Madame Web in the newest Spider-Man spin-off, fans are gripped by a startling revelation. Critics lambasted the film with scathing reviews, leaving enthusiasts stunned. However, amidst the tumult, a surprising narrative unfolds.

Dakota Johnson in Suspiria
Dakota Johnson in Suspiria.

As the dust of the initial backlash settles, fans voice their opinions, adding layers to the discourse. These emerging perspectives hold the potential to redefine the movie’s reception from the audience’s standpoint.

Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web Scrutinized By Dreadful Reviews

Dakota Johnson’s turn as Madame Web isn’t winning over the critics, who are tearing into the film with their harshest critiques. Positioned as the latest addition to Sony’s Spider-Man movie universe, Madame Web stars Johnson as the titular character, bringing a fresh take to the Marvel persona.


But with the film hitting theaters and reviews now out, it’s clear that it’s not living up to expectations.  Rolling Stone slams it as a “Chernobyl-level disaster,” calling it the “Cats: The Movie of superhero movies.” 

Variety doesn’t sugarcoat, pointing out the “confusing script, stale action, and cheap visuals” but wondering why the ticket prices don’t reflect the knock-off nature. 

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Dakota Johnson in Madame Web

CNN adds its voice, seeing Madame Web as an experiment that fell a bit short, feeling more like a prologue than a fully-fledged film, stating,


“Madame Web might have sounded like an interesting experiment, and it sort of is, but the execution feels less like a fully realized film than an extended prologue for a movie to come. Even without a supernatural ability to see the future, based on this outing that scenario seems unreasonably optimistic.”

The Hollywood Reporter dives into the industry, dubbing Madame Web as another attempt to revive minor characters, deeming it an “airless and stilted endeavor” with a predictable lack of imagination.

USA Today dishes out a brutal 1.5 stars, claiming,

“If you thought Morbius was bad, buckle up for Madame Web […] burdened by bad dialogue, negligible character development, a lackluster bad guy and assorted B-movie silliness, Madame stars Dakota Johnson as a New York City paramedic able to see the future.”

Fans might be the wild card here, as early social media chatter suggests a divide in opinions after the screening. 


While critics seem ready to bury Madame Web, fans might just be the saving grace or add more chaos to the web.

Fans’ Perspectives Contrast With Critics’ Viewpoints

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson as Madame Web

The 34-year-old’s Madame Web is getting mixed reviews from fans and critics. Critics are slamming it, saying the film falls flat and the Marvel character isn’t done justice.



But fans have a different take. Despite the criticism, many fans dig into Johnson’s performance and enjoy the storyline. Rotten Tomatoes shows fans giving it a 66% audience score, which is way better than what the critics are saying. Fans point out stuff they like, such as how the characters interact and the deeper themes, which they think make the movie better. 


One fan (YungSky) even commented, “It’s a pretty solid movie, I can’t lie.”

This difference in opinion shows that movie reviews can be pretty subjective. In the end, whether Madame Web succeeds might come down to how much the fans love it versus what the critics say.


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