“It’s a question of resonance”: Lords of the Fallen Devs Are Terrified it Will be Called a Dark Souls Knockoff Like Elden Ring

Lords of the Fallen Devs Are Terrified it Will be Called a Dark Souls Knockoff Like Elden Ring

The Lords of the Fallen is the successor to 2014’s Lords of the Fallen. With such news, the gaming community is jumping with joy. 2014’s Lords of the Fallen was developed by CI Games and Deck13 and published by BNE Entertainment and CI Games. The video game followed the horror adventure/fighting genre. It was a single-player game.

But even among such good news, there seems to be some discomfort among the developers. Some unknown force is making them concerned over their new game. It was all made clear during an interview. Cezar Virtuso, creative director, and Alexandre Chaudret, art director of The Lords of the Fallen, clarified everything and confirmed their expectations about their new video game.

The Lords of the Fallen Developers Are Worried Over The Game

The Lords of the Fallen
The Lords of the Fallen (2023)

The Lords of the Fallen Developers feel a bit worried before the release of The Lords of the Fallen. Terrified will be a better word to use instead of worried. They fear the game will be branded as a Dark Souls knockoff. Since 2014’s Lords of the Fallen, the gaming community has several games from the soulslike genre. Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, etc., all belong to the RPG Soulslike genre, with Gothic fantasies and horror action/adventure settings.

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Alexandre Chaudret said,” We’re not going to hide that we have common ground. It’s the same genre. Call it soulslike, or animation-driving fighting, or dark fantasy RPG, we know we have common ground. I think what makes us different is our world. It’s much more allegorical. You go from a Gothic fantasy to something much more cosmic horror, almost Giger-esque, with bones, giant statues, and skeletons molded together. It’s a question of resonance. You need to touch the very soul of people and go into deep thematics, not just the surface of fantasy like shiny armor and dragons.”

He continued,” All of the armor is rusted, so it shows I didn’t have time to brush them – I had to fight again and again. Why is that guy crying? Why is this guy, who represents all the golden hope I had in fantasy stories when I was a kid, sad and with no more hope? It’s more about the torment of the people that were in here.”

Dark Souls
Dark Souls

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Changes Made In The New Reboot

The Lords of the Fallen reboot has several new details added to it. It will be much more physical, and the gameplay will feel more weighted. The characters will feel more tired after going through consecutive battles. The hardened armor can be changed into lighter and more flexible ones, which gives better advantages than the previous game.

According to Cezar Virtuso, “The FromSoftware games are excellent. You could dislike the genre, because you like soccer games or something, but these games are so masterfully crafted. They introduced so many new ideas to the table that we, the rest of the industry, can only be inspired.”

Speaking of being worried, he said.” Yes, we are worried. But at the same time if we’re true to ourselves and dig deep into our well, no one is going to reach the depths that we have reached.” To this Alexandre Chaudret added,” It’s worrying in the sense that we want to succeed from a business standpoint, but I think players are not at all against just having more good games. If we do a good game, people will be super happy. It’s our job to make it as good as possible and then it will stand out because they will just like what they are playing.”

Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen (2014)

The Lords of the Fallen will be released on 13 October 2023. HEXWORKS and Defiant Studios are the developers, and CI Games is the publisher. Unlike the last game, it will have an online feature. The players and developers have crossed their fingers to get the best results. Previously, Elden Ring has been branded as a Dark Souls knockoff. So, it has made the developers a bit worried.

But at the end of the day, they want the gaming community to get the best experience. They believe people will automatically try it if it is a good game. With that hope, they are keeping themselves worriless.

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