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‘It’s a unique blend of…..all the great 80s action heroes’: Chris Hemsworth Shares Never Before Seen Footage of ‘Brutal’ Thor Training For Love and Thunder

'It's a unique blend of.....all the great 80s action heroes': Chris Hemsworth Shares Never Before Seen Footage of 'Brutal' Thor Training For Love and Thunder

Months after the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth released footage that had been unseen until now. Fans who had various thoughts about the movie were surprised to see the actor post something out of the blue. The movie itself may not have gotten as much love but, the actor surely does.

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The poster for Thor: Love and Thunder

Ever since the movie’s release in July 2021, it has received a lot of criticism regarding multiple factors that made it what it was. In much of that regard, to see a more humorous outlook for the movie and the actor was a lovely sight for the fans. He has recently been posting on his Instagram regarding the People’s Choice Awards and for fans to vote for his movie and with it, released brand new footage for Thor’s latest adventure.

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Chris Hemsworth Shows Thor’s Workout Routine

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder


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In his latest post on Instagram, Chris Hemsworth posted a reel where Thor, in his ‘dad bod’ can be seen preparing for a fight. He was practicing and showing off his martial art skills to the viewers. This, although being a satirical take on the character, was amusing to the audience as they could see Thor do iconic moves from various different movies.

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Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Amongst the moves, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor was seen lifting a giant slab which he threw away easily. This then transitioned into the actor showing off his workout skills by doing Po from Kung-Fu Panda‘s iconic moves in order to prepare for his next big foe. While on one hand, Po was learning to use and maneuver his chi, Thor was trying to perhaps become an air bender, much like in Avatar. This reel, as sudden as it was, was a joy for the audience to view after the backlash that Thor: Love and Thunder had been facing for a while now.

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Thor And Chris Hemsworth Bring A Smile To Their Fans Faces

Although the movie did not do very well, fans have been joyous to see the actor again in his iconic role. Hemsworth’s own brother commented on the reel, mocking how he looked more coordinated than he usually is.

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Fans pointed out how the movie had so much potential and actors who could reach that potential with the talents of Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, and Chris Hemsworth as well. Watching the video made them yearn even more for a movie that could do justice to these characters.

Thor: Love and Thunder may not have been the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best works but, it certainly added more to Thor’s story and growth as a character.

Thor: Love and Thunder is available to watch on Disney+

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