“It’s about making fun of the system”: Michael Bay Defended His $553M Bruce Willis Movie to be a Comedy After Ben Affleck’s Scathing Criticism Left Him Shattered

"It's about making fun of the system": Michael Bay Defended His $553M Bruce Willis Movie to be a Comedy After Ben Affleck's Scathing Criticism Left Him Shattered

While some Hollywood movies turn out to be epic blockbusters with intense storylines and brilliant cinematography; others simply end up being mere entertainment for leisure. Similarly, Michael Bay’s 1998 movie Armageddon, featuring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck turned out to be a “popcorn movie” according to the filmmaker.

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Michael Bay
Michael Bay

However, while shooting, the movie went through very serious business, involving multiple rewrites and diligent work. But in the end, it turned out to be a childish film about oil drillers learning to be astronauts within minutes. This even led Michael Bay to defend his $553M movie, after Ben Affleck criticized Armageddon. 


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Ben Affleck Subtly Criticized Michael Bay’s Armageddon 

When Michael Bay’s Armageddon was released in 1998, featuring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, the movie was thoroughly appreciated by fans despite its bizarre plot. Making $553M at the box office, the film turned into a massive hit. However, being a part of the movie, Affleck wasn’t quite happy with the plot. 

Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck
Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in Armageddon

Raising questions about how oil drillers were learning to be astronauts within minutes, Ben Affleck went on to mock his own movie. According to a DVD released with commentary from Affleck, shared by New York Post, the actor was heard discussing the plot holes and glaring issues of the storyline in Armageddon, with Michael Bay. 

I asked Michael why it was easier to train oil drillers to become astronauts than it was to train astronauts to become oil drillers, and he told me to shut the f*ck up,” 

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck brutally criticized Armageddon for its plot holes

Two decades since the movie was released, Ben Affleck further addressed the issue with Armageddon, during an interview with GQ. He mentioned, “I knew enough to know this isn’t really an Oscar type movie, this is a fun movie … I have some great memories from that movie”. However, his subtle criticism significantly shattered Bay, which led him to later defend his $553M movie. 


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Michael Bay Defended $553M Armageddon From Criticism 

Thanks to Ben Affleck’s criticism of Armageddon’s plotline, several critics considered that. Realizing the crater-like hole in the storyline, interviewers constantly questioned Michael Bay about the issue. Thus, following Affleck’s mockery and constant questioning, Vice president of Bay Films, Matt Cohan went on to defend the 1998 film, during an interview with GQ


I’ve heard him describe Armageddon —at least structurally—as a comedy, in the tradition of the old Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello fish-out-of-water comedies.” 

Armageddon (1998)

During the same interview, Michael Bay took the initiative to elaborate on Matt Cohan’s comments and personally called Armageddon a lighthearted movie, which is supposed to entertain people. Pointing at the exact part that faced Ben Affleck’s criticism, Bay laughed about oil-drilling outsiders invading the staid world of scientists. 

It’s supposed to be a joke. It’s about making fun of the system.” 

Michael Bay
Michael Bay defended Armageddon by calling it a lighthearted comedy

But in the end, although the movie turned into a box office hit, made a staggering $553M, and entertained the audiences, Armageddon’s plot still remained under scrutiny. 


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Source: GQ


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