“It’s actually the opposite”: Pixar Head Vindicates Disney+ for Making Movies Profitable Despite Many Claims of Streaming Killing Cinemas

Pixar's Peter Docter acknowledges the privilege of Disney+ and movie profitability.

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  • Pixar head acknowledges the downfall of the theater business amid box office prediction for Inside Out 2.
  • Peter Docter challenges the belief that streaming hurts cinemas, praising Disney+ for movie profitability.
  • Since Disney+ expands revenue streams beyond traditional box office earnings, Docter vindicates the streamer.
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Peter Docter, the Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation Studios, offered a compelling perspective on the evolving landscape of film distribution. Speaking particularly in the context of streaming services like Disney+, Docter admitted harboring high hopes for his latest Inside Out 2, despite widespread concerns about the impact of streaming services.

Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation Studios, Peter Docter | image: Instagram/@petedocter
Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation Studios, Peter Docter | image: Instagram/@petedocter

Making a bold assertion, that Disney’s strategy with streaming platform has not only been financially viable but has also revolutionized movie distribution in unexpected ways, Peter Docter vindicated Disney+. Despite acknowledging how streaming services ruined the theater business since the pandemic, Docter spoke about the privilege of Disney+ and its strategy for making movies profitable.

Peter Docter Has High Hopes About the Success of Inside Out 2

From Pixar head Peter Docter, the director of Up, Monsters Inc., and the most profitable Pixar original Inside Out comes the second installment Inside Out 2, released on June 14. Picking up a few years after the events of its 2015 predecessor, the latest installment is set to steer through Riley’s awkward teenage years, exploring new emotions through puberty.


However, considering the struggles faced by Peter Docter’s last movie Soul (2020), due to Disney’s strategy of putting films on its Disney+ streaming platform, the Pixar head is currently worried about Insider Out 2. But, instead of losing faith in his movie, Docter told Time magazine about harboring high hopes regarding the success of Inside Out 2.

Maya Hawke's character Anxiety in a still from Inside Out 2 | Pixar Animation Studios
A still from Inside Out 2 | Pixar Animation Studios

If this doesn’t do well at the theater, I think it just means we’re going to have to think even more radically about how we run our business.

Catering to Peter Docter’s hopes, box office analysts have predicted that Inside Out 2 will become one of the highest-grossing movies of 2024. But considering how it’s been an abysmal year at the movies, with several big-budget films underperforming, it might be that people just want to watch movies at home rather than spend hefty sums in theaters.

Pixar Head Liberates Disney+ Despite Ruining Theater Business

Addressing the critical condition where streaming platforms are killing cinemas, Peter Docter shared his assertive stance in favor of Disney+. Despite being concerned about the box office outcome of Inside Out 2, Docter liberated the streaming platform, often blamed for harming cinemas.


Highlighting how Disney’s strategy with Disney+ has revolutionized film distribution, Peter Docter emphasized that streaming platforms have provided a crucial lifeline during uncertain times, making movies profitable amid global shifts in consumer behavior. Revealing how Disney+ helped earn extra revenue that complement traditional box office earnings, Docter vindicated Disney+.

pixar inside out 2
Pixar’s Inside Out 2 | Walt Disney Studios

Well, when they first announced Disney+, we immediately jumped in with a bunch of shorts. Turns out the audience didn’t want short little things from Pixar at least. It just didn’t perform as well. It didn’t earn its keep in terms of what we had to put into it to make them. So Disney asked us to pull back on anything that’s not the features.

We’ve also found the better [a movie] does at the theater, the more successful it has been on Disney+. Initially, you’d think if it does really well in the theater, nobody’s going to watch it on Disney+ because we’ve seen it already.

It’s actually the opposite, which kind of makes sense. I remember as a kid I had The Muppet Show album, and I played that thing to death. As a kid, you want the comfort of watching this one thing over and over and over.

Shedding light upon the evidence that Disney+ subscribers have eagerly embraced blockbuster films from the comfort of their homes, Peter Docter stated that the streaming platform offers the privilege of watching favorite films or shows repeatedly. Therefore challenging the conventional idea of Disney+ plaguing traditional watch, Docter offered a refreshing take on the topic.

Inside Out 2 is running in theaters worldwide. 


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