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“It’s always been afterwards”: Penelope Cruz Defended Tom Cruise After Infidelity Accusations as $600M Actor Pulled a ‘Brad Pitt’ Moment While Married to Nicole Kidman

“It’s always been afterwards”: Penelope Cruz Defended Tom Cruise After Infidelity Accusations as $600M Actor Pulled a ‘Brad Pitt’ Moment While Married to Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the Hollywood power couple, had marital problems in 2001. The paparazzi ran rampant with speculation about the possible causes of the breakup, including rumors of adultery on both sides. While filming Vanilla Sky, Cruise was rumored to have been romantically linked with Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.

Yet like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s famed love triangle with Jennifer Aniston, the whole story behind closed doors may never be revealed. We know that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced in 2001 and that he then dated Cruz for three years before the two broke up in 2004.

Hollywood’s Most Talked-About Love Triangle

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz
Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz were a perfect match for each other. They were both incredibly talented actors and shared a passion for their craft. They were also very sweet and affectionate with each other. However, Cruz also defends Cruise for infidelity accusations against him. In an interview with Telegraph in 2008, the actress confirmed that she’s “never fallen in love with someone” at work.

“I’ve never fallen in love with someone I’m working with. It’s always been afterwards.”

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While Penelope Cruz defends Tom Cruise, it brings to mind Jennifer Aniston’s experience after Brad Pitt left her for Angelina Jolie in 2005. Throughout her marriage to Pitt, Aniston was the subject of relentless media scrutiny and suspicions of infidelity, and she was widely held responsible for the couple’s eventual separation and divorce.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Yet Tom Cruise was again accused of infidelity during his marriage to Nicole Kidman. He refuted the claims that he and Cameron Diaz had an affair. The allegations continued, and Cruz’s probable support of him may have been a reaction to the persistent speculations.

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The Aftermath of the Affairs

Tom Cruise and Cruz’s relationship ended, despite Cruz’s best efforts. Some say the breakup was due to Cruise’s Scientology beliefs, while others say it was because of their hectic work schedules. No matter what led to the split, comparisons between Cruise and Cruz and Pitt and Aniston can’t be avoided.

When these two Hollywood power couples got together, they were subjected to the same scrutiny from the press and the public. And in both instances, the celebrity’s ex-spouse moved on to another famous person.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

After he dumped Aniston for her, several people were taken aback by Pitt and Jolie’s breakup. After five years together, they had become one of the industry’s most adored couples. Yet, Pitt and Jolie’s connection on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was palpable, and the two immediately fell in love.

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Jolie was quickly cast in a negative light by the media, who saw her as a seductress responsible for separating Pitt and Aniston. When everything was going on, Aniston was portrayed as the unfortunate spouse of a cheater.

The media simplified what was undoubtedly a far more nuanced scenario. The marriage between Pitt and Aniston may have been on the rocks even before he met Jolie. The Cruise/Cruz and Pitt/Aniston sagas show that even the most high-profile couples may experience problems and that the complexity of reality behind the rumors can be surprising.

Source: Telegraph

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