“It’s amazing what you can do with a half-inflated netball”: Jurassic World 4 Star Jonathan Bailey Has the Most Mind-blowing Bridgerton S*x Scene Story

Notable actor Jonathan Bailey took audiences behind the scenes of his steamy shoot while filming Bridgerton!

jonathan bailey in bridgerton


  • Jonathan Bailey is an iconic actor known for his work in Netflix's Bridgerton.
  • With the release of Season 3 of Bridgerton, Bailey talked about the steamy scenes that they had to shoot and how it was actually done!
  • The actor further confirmed that he is indeed the lead of the upcoming film, Jurassic World 4!
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Jonathan Bailey is an actor known worldwide for portraying the role of Anthony, Viscount Bridgerton in Bridgerton and the world hasn’t stopped loving him since. Portraying the iconic role, the actor is now a part of the upcoming film Jurassic World 4!

Jonathan Bailey Bridgerton
Jonathan Bailey in Bridgerton | Production: Shondaland

However, more on Jurassic World 4 later. Bailey is notoriously known for the hot and steamy s*x scenes in Bridgerton. With season 3 being recently released, a throwback to that time Bailey was asked about his “scenes” and in his hilarious way, the actor took the audience behind the stage with his words and talked about the importance of netball.

Jonathan Bailey Took The Audience Behind The Steamy Scenes!

Starring in Bridgerton, Bailey has had plenty of steamy and s*x scenes that fans have liked since the inception of the series. Since these are the modern times, shooting these scenes has become a sensitive thing to film.

Jonathan Bailey Bridgerton
Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in a still from Bridgerton. | Production: Shondaland

Of course, Hollywood and film production companies have had their reasons for the past few years. So to shoot any steamy or s*x scene, there is an intimacy coordinator on-set present who oversees the comfortableness of the actors or actresses involved.

With some steamy scenes in Bridgerton, fans were absolutely curious about what the season will entail. In an interview with Radio Times Magazine, Bailey talked about his “scenes” from the series and how several things come into play while filming said scenes.

If there are two people doing a s*x scene, the rule is they must have three barriers separating them and there are certain acts where a half-inflated netball can allow for movement without having to connect physically.

He further continued,


It’s pretty silly really and we have some hilarious moments, but it makes it less awkward.

Getting famous for starring as Anthony, Viscount Bridgerton in Bridgerton, the actor had his dream (or rather nightmare) come true as he announced that he is the new lead of Jurassic World 4!

Jonathan Bailey Is The New Lead of Jurassic World 4!

With the actor taking to his Instagram to post a photo of him at Universal Studios, Jonathan Bailey gathered online speculation about a new role. After a month, the actor appeared for an interview alongside Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he confirmed the news.

Jurassic World (2015)
Jonathan Bailey will be the new lead in the Jurassic World franchise.

With director Colin Trevorrow finishing his Jurassic World trilogy with 2022’s Jurassic World: Dominion, there is another director in town who wants to take the franchise. As per reports by IMDB, director Gareth Edwards is attached as the director of the film.


Although not many details about the film were revealed, Jonathan Bailey revealed in his interview with Jimmy Fallon quite a lot about the upcoming film! Stating that the film was like going back into a dream (or rather a nightmare), here’s what Bailey had to say about Jurassic World 4:

It’s dated the 9th of April, so I’ve sort of sat with the secret for about a month and a bit. It’s mind-blowing and it’s brilliant.

He further continued,

It’s history, and it’s the John Williams score, it’s Spielberg. I had got nightmares for sort of 30 years, so now my nightmare has come true.

With reports that the film will be inspired by the OG 1993 film Jurassic Park, it seems that the world could use some nostalgia for a while. No further details regarding the film have been revealed and the film is allegedly set for a release date of 2 July 2025.


On the other hand, the first half of Bridgerton season 3 dropped yesterday while episodes 5 and 6 are set for a release date of 13 June 2024. Meanwhile, Bridgerton is available to stream on Netflix in the U.S.


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