“It’s an intellectual one for the audience”: Christopher Nolan Teases His ‘Horror Movie’ Oppenheimer Has a Surprising Similarity With Inception

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Christopher Nolan has directed some of the most highly acclaimed and critically appreciated movies of all time. His directorial intuition is beyond imagination and no amount of praise would be able to do justice to his work. He is known for making some of the most unique and incredible movies with a cast that is liked by a majority of the audience.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

Not only are his movies some of the most liked, but they are also so gripping that audiences can find themselves rewatching these films time and time again. His upcoming Oppenheimer just so happens to be one of his most awaited movies of all time. However, he is meaning to break some of his patterns to add to the movie’s essence.

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Christopher Nolan’s Approach Of Possibility Over Nihility

Christopher Nolan‘s uniqueness when it comes to his movies has been exceptional and beyond successful in attracting an audience. However, one aspect of his movies includes a more hopeful approach toward the conclusions no matter how the course of the film may have been.

A still from Oppenheimer
Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

“The ambiguity is not an emotional ambiguity. It’s an intellectual one for the audience. It’s funny, I think there is an interesting relationship between the endings of Inception and Oppenheimer to be explored. Oppenheimer’s got a complicated ending. Complicated feelings.”

When asked about his approach against nihility, the director agreed that somewhere, he likes to see a different view of the ending. There can always be a more interesting look that is against nihility, such was the case with Inception. Although, Nolan also assured that Oppenheimer has a much different ending. He stated that the complicated nature of the movie will continue throughout its course and will not falter even till the end, leaving the audience open with complicated feelings as the credits roll.

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An Element Of Fear In Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan was amazed by the reviews that the audience had when they first saw the movie thanks to an early screening. Although they were all positive reviews, they were mixed in the way people perceived the film.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

“I mean, there’s an element of fear that’s there in the history and there in the underpinnings. But the love of the characters, the love of the relationships, is as strong as I’ve ever done.”

The look of war, death, and disaster are massively visible throughout the movie, and they leave a lasting impression. A sense of fear can rise within the audience and the way he weaved the relationship between the characters, he saw it amongst everyone around as well.

Oppenheimer is set to release on 21 July 2023.


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