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“It’s been tough when it comes to comedy”: Jamie Foxx Reveals Why He Won’t Release Robert Downey Jr. Starrer Movie After Marvel Star’s Outburst Made Cameron Diaz Retire from Acting

“It’s been tough when it comes to comedy”: Jamie Foxx Reveals Why He Won’t Release Robert Downey Jr. Starrer Movie After Marvel Star’s Outburst Made Cameron Diaz Retire from Acting

Jamie Foxx is known to be a man of many talents – an Academy Award-winning actor, a popular singer, and a renowned comedian, versatility certainly seems to be one of his obvious strengths. Not too long ago, Foxx also dipped his toes in the ocean of opportunities that directing presents, keen to add yet another profession up his sleeve. The Django Unchained star even ended up shepherding a film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gerard Butler. Sadly enough for Foxx though, the movie won’t see the light of day anytime soon.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

One of the primary reasons why the Ray star deemed it wiser to not release his film has much to do with the “sensitive corners” surrounding the content. And while that still stands, his recent meltdown on the set of Back In Action, which reportedly compelled Cameron Diaz to pack her bags and quit Hollywood for good, probably doesn’t help Foxx’s case either.

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Why Jamie Foxx’s All-Star Weekend Got Shelved 

All-Star Weekend is an unreleased sports comedy helmed by Jamie Foxx, who also wrote the screenplay along with Donald “Speedy” Caldwell Jr. The film was initially set to hit theatres way back in February 2018 but due to unfinished post-production, the release was shifted to 2019. But the year came and went and yet another release date was announced and six years down the line,  the film still never made it to the finish line.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Foxx, 55, revealed how the major reason behind scrapping All-Star Weekend was how drastically the trajectory of comedy seemed to have changed, an imperative aspect that held the power to make or break his project. He also remarked that the comedy’s content was jam-packed with certain “sensitive” facets which he apprehended would end up posing an ordeal for the film as a whole.

All Star-Weekend
The cast of Jamie Foxx’s shelved film

“Man, it’s been tough, with the lay of the land when it comes to comedy, man. We’re trying to break open those sensitive corners where people go back to laughing again. And that’s why I think, even in this film, which is great is (that) the one thing we kept hearing in the screenings was how much people were laughing. So, hopefully, we’ll keep them laughing and run them into All-Star Weekend, because we were definitely going for it.”

The sports comedy-drama stars MCU star Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Piven who is best known for his role in Entourage, Puerto Rican actor, and producer Benicio del Toro, London Has Fallen star Gerard Butler, Desperate Housewives‘ Eva Longoria, and Foxx himself.

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Will All-Star Weekend Ever Make it to the Other Side? 

Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx
Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx

The controversial film was set to feature the Iron Man star as a Mexican character with the Day Shift actor apparently portraying a character akin to a white racist cop. With Foxx and Piven playing two best friends, All-Star Weekend follows a road trip that the duo embarks on after winning tickets to a coveted NBA event which soon ends up transpiring into a wild adventure after they encounter a set of quirky people on the way.

From the insight that Foxx provided pertaining to the movie’s future, it doesn’t seem like All-Star Weekend would make it to the big screens anytime soon. But there’s still hope yet. Who knows, things might end up panning out after all.

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