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“It’s culturally damaging, and insulting to creators”: David Zaslav’s Cruelty Seems Limitless as WB Permanently Deletes ‘Final Space’ as Tax Write-Off, Sets Precedent For Capitalism Destroying Art

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Warner Bros. Discovery has been on a spree of making drastic decisions such as delaying Michael B. Jordan’s Superman movie, completely disregarding the Batgirl movie and now by the looks of it cancelling, if not completely removing Final Space from all media platforms.

Final Space by Olan Rogers
Final Space by Olan Rogers

Made by Olan Rogers, the show had a run of three seasons which would now all be removed from all platforms including Netflix and no further television screenings will take place. The show will now be reduced to being a tax write – off, completely discontinuing even the production of physical copies.

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Final Space Has Its Final Run

The drama – comedy animated series Final Space released its third season in July of 2021 and it looks like that would now be its final season as well. WBD has ruled the series as a tax write – off with no way of anyone being able to see it until and unless they already own a copy of season 1 or 2 physically. Season three was never made into a physical copy at all and once Netflix is to take down the series internationally, there would no longer be any trace of the show existing except for what our memories hold.

The protagonist of the story seems to be working off a prison sentence when he meets a new pal with whom he instantly connects unbeknownst to him that this friend of his is being hunted by a Lord Commander who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Olan Rogers himself voices multiple characters including both Gary and Mooncake along with David Tennant as the voice of Lord Commander.

Final Space gets cancelled
Final Space gets cancelled by WBD

The show’s fourth season seemed to be in the works however that would no longer be the case with WBD’s decision. Olan Rogers himself was devasted by the news. Writing a heartfelt letter addressing the fans, he states that he understands this to be purely business however he cannot forget the personal connection he has with his project.

“I’ve been trying to process how this feels; it’s been hard because it’s just so absurd.”

He also proceeded to acknowledge the banner of #renewfinalspace and claims to support it for as long as possible.

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David Zaslav Faces Hate For Continuous Huge Cancellations

Ever since the cancellation of Batgirl, David Zaslav has been facing enormous hate for all the jobs lost as well as discontinuing a movie with a strong female lead. All this only grew after the announcement of Final Space being cancelled.

Final Space gets its final run
Final Space will be off of all media platforms once Netflix takes it off

Titled to be capitalism destroying art, business seems to be interfering a lot with the projects WBD has been cancelling, fans have felt it an attack to heavily worked upon art that has involved multiple lives, jobs and furthermore the ideas and workings of hundreds of individuals.

The fans themselves are devastated by the same, expressing their own views on Twitter and other platforms. Stating their pain and love for the show, the supporters of the show have taken stances against Zaslav and have formed an understanding with the sorrow that Rogers is currently feeling.

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