“It’s DEFINITELY entering the Hot 100 next week”: Ryan Reynolds Swears to ‘Marvel Jesus’ He Didn’t Plan a Madonna Song in Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Going Viral after 35 Years as Fans Go Wild

Madonna's Like a Prayer gets a second life after featuring in Deadpool & Wolverine's latest trailer

“It’s DEFINITELY entering the Hot 100 next week”: Ryan Reynolds Swears to ‘Marvel Jesus’ He Didn’t Plan a Madonna Song in Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Going Viral after 35 Years as Fans Go Wild


  • Deadpool & Wolverine dropped a new trailer just a few hours back.
  • The trailer has managed to pique the height of fans around the world.
  • Like a Prayer playing in the background makes the experience all the more memorable.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe is cooking something big y’all.


The year 2024 is not as stacked as MCU’s calendar usually is. But that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of any weight. Fans are all set to be treated to a movie traversing the story of two of the most loved characters in the history of X-Men – Wolverine and Deadpool. The movie has already generated quite the hype amongst its fans, who couldn’t be more excited to witness the camaraderie and equation between the two, well…, different characters. But right now, the flick is generating hype for another reason altogether.

Deadpool & Wolverine is hitting all the right straps

Deadpool 3
Deadpool and Wolverine has already piqued fans interests

When fans first learnt that they might be able to witness the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine they couldn’t contain their happiness. The joy was quadrupled when they learnt that it would be alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. The first trailer of Deadpool & Wolverine attracted everyone’s eyes.


The real treat was yet to come.

The second trailer of the movie directed by Shawn Levy takes a deeper look into the nuances of the characters involved – and a sneak peek at who will be the antagonist the X-Men will square up to. But that was not the only remarkable thing about the trailer.

The new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer had a nice surprise for fans

Deadpool & Wolverine
Deadpool & Wolverine’s latest trailer looks promising

The new trailer witnesses Logan take the center stage alongside his new partner, battling out with his enemies from this universe. Fans couldn’t help but harp on about seeing their favorite X-Men jump back into the action. But that ain’t the sole thing that the trailer pays homage to.


The return of an iconic star is not the only thing that makes this trailer iconic. What makes really iconic is the background music. Synchronized with every kick and move in the trailer, is Madonna’s iconic song, Like a Prayer (a subtle reference to Deadpool’s Marvel Jesus in the first trailer).

Madonna’s Like a Prayer looks set to embark on a path to greatness

Deadpool & Wolverine’s trailer has made Like a Prayer go viral

What makes the choice more iconic? It was on the same day all the way back in 1989 that the iconic song began a 6-week run on top of the Billboard Album chart and a 3-week run on top of the Billboard Hot





MCU has jumped on the right bandwagon, generating a lot of hype for the upcoming project.

Time will tell whether it works out or not. Here is the trailer of Deadpool & Wolverine:

Deadpool & Wolverine | Official Trailer | In Theaters July 26


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