“It’s done, I’m out of it”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Strictly Refuses to Work With Sylvester Stallone in His $789 Million Action Franchise

"It's done, I'm out of it": Arnold Schwarzenegger Strictly Refuses to Work With Sylvester Stallone in His $789 Million Action Franchise

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s journey to fame and acclaim in the world of bodybuilding, acting, and politics is nothing short of legendary. However, a recent revelation from the 75-year-old has taken fans by surprise as he refused to collaborate with Sylvester Stallone in his immensely lucrative action franchise, which has amassed a staggering $789 million on a global scale. The actor declined to work with Stallone for his upcoming movie’s fourth part of The Expendables. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirmed The Absence In The Expendables 4

The highly anticipated release of The Expendables 4 has action film enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. One of the franchise’s most thrilling aspects has been the dynamic team-up of veteran rivals, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

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However, fans have noticed Schwarzenegger’s absence from the upcoming installment, leaving them wondering if the iconic duo will reunite for one final adventure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Retired Bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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During a press tour for his recent action series, Fubar on Netflix, the retired bodybuilder was asked about his involvement in Stallone’s last Expendables film. In response, the Terminator star revealed,

“It’s done and I’m not in it. I said, You know what, we have done this and I’m out of it. And [Stallone] understood. I did [the first Expendables] as a favor to Sly. I shot it on a Saturday for two hours quickly in a church with Bruce Willis.”

Further, the professional fitness freak added,

“Sly said, Oh, can you do Expendables 2? and I did that for a weekend. Then it was expanded for Expendables 3. And that was it. We’re going to do something together one day.”

While some fans held out hope for a surprise cameo, Schwarzenegger’s comments confirmed their speculations. Despite this, there is positiveness as he expressed his desire to collaborate with the 76-year-old again in the future.

Both actors have recently gone through into the world of television, showcasing their talents in separate projects. While fans may be disappointed by Schwarzenegger’s absence, the prospect of a future collaboration between these action icons remains promising.

The Expendables Movies’ Box Office Success

The Expandables
The Expandables Franchise

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The Expendables film franchise proved to be a resounding success at the box office, captivating audiences with its star-studded cast and explosive action sequences. 

Since its beginning, the series consistently delivered high-octane entertainment, generating impressive ticket sales and solidifying its place in the action genre.

The first installment, simply titled The Expendables, hit theaters in 2010, grossing over $274.5 million worldwide. This initial success covers the way for following films, each attracting a loyal fanbase eager to witness their favorite action heroes team up on the big screen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Expendables 2 followed in 2012, surpassing its forerunner success with a global box office haul of over $314 million. The franchise’s momentum continued with The Expendables 3 in 2014, amassing over $214.6 million in global ticket sales.

While the former Governor didn’t return for the fourth installment, Expendables 4 featured a massive lineup that introduced new faces to the ensemble.

Most of the original squad returned, including Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen and Randy Couture as Toll Road, reprising their supporting roles. However, Stallone confirmed that Jason Statham’s Lee Christmas would take on the leading character cover.

The Expandables is streaming on Netflix.

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