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“It’s gonna be bonkers”: Invincible Officially Returns For Season 2 in 2023, Promises More Violence and Gore to Rival The Boys

“It’s gonna be bonkers”: Invincible Officially Returns For Season 2 in 2023, Promises More Violence and Gore to Rival The Boys

With the animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s Comics, Invincible explored the lesser-trodden road of gory and violent superhero projects. While Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys seems to be a connoisseur in blood and guts, Invincible doesn’t fall behind too much either.


The animated series released its first season in early 2021  and since then fans of the show have been restless about when Mark Grayson will be returning as Invincible and what his father, Omni-Man, is up to next. While the fans have been kept in the dark for way too long, it seems like the upcoming year is going to be the answer to all their prayers.

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Invincible Coming to Your Screens in 2023

Omni-Man and Invincible
Omni-Man and Invincible

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According to a report released by Collider, 2023 is finally bringing Invincible back with a second season. Talking to Collider, Vernon Sanders, Amazon’s Head of Television, stated that “2023 is going to be a great year for people” when asked about the updates of the animated show. While this wasn’t a direct confirmation at first, Collider insisted on a date for the premiere. When asked whether the second season will be released in 2023, Sanders had nothing to say except a simple “Yes.”

Fans of Invincible are super excited to see Mark Grayson involved in more adventures as they took to Twitter to state just how much of a good news this is.

While this is a piece of great news for fans of the gory animated show, simply stating that the show will have a 2023 release seems awfully vague because the release could be anywhere from early 2023 to late 2023. Although the actors began the voice work back in April, it seems like it shouldn’t take much time for a proper release date. Here’s hoping that a 2023 release doesn’t mean the second season will be out in December!

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What’s the Plot for Invincible 2?

Robert Kirkman
Robert Kirkman

*Spoilers for Season 1 ahead!*

After Omni-Man failed to defeat his own son, he was seen flying off into space in the last episode of season one. Naturally, the second season is bound to pick up from that point. Invincible was asked to be earth’s defender so season 2 will definitely be expanding on how he manages to pull that off.

In an interview with The AV Club, Robert Kirkman stated that the montage at the end of the season finale might have left some clues for fans about the plot of the second season.

“With the montage, I really wanted to remind the audience of the many threads we had and wanted to reveal to them that anything and everything that happened in Season 1 matters. Even the small details will come into play in a big way in the future…It also gives the sense that Nolan is off the table for now so Mark doesn’t have a mentor anymore but all the problems are still there. Now we’ll have to see a very different Invincible moving forward who has to figure things out on his own.”

Lead actor Steven Yeun stated that Kirman is “Super excited” about season 2 as he believes it’s going to be better than the first run. He added that looking at the comics and how much source material is left to uncover he’s really excited and that “It’s gonna be bonkers.”

It looks like season two is going to be much more of a rollercoaster ride than season one and fans should expect more blood, gore, and violence this time around!

The first season of Invincible is available to stream on Prime Video.

Source: Collider

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