“It’s heavy for him”: Jon Favreau Reveals Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian Is Not Star Wars Aragorn After Disappointing Season 3

Jon Favreau Reveals Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian Is Not Star Wars Aragorn After Disappointing Season 3

While Star Wars may be a cinematic franchise that started in the late 1970s, the craze and appeal of the franchise have continued to grow with no signs of stopping. And expand upon this universe and dive deeper into the lore, Lucasfilm introduced The Mandalorian, a show that detailed the tale of a lone bounty hunter from the planet Mandalore.

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The Mandalorian
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And before we knew it, the show became one of the best additions to the expansion of the Star Wars cinematic universe, reaching success levels that even the main films of the franchise weren’t able to reach. But with the conclusion of the third season of the series, people were visibly disappointed with the decisions that the showrunners took with Din Djarin’s character.


Jon Favreau Says Din Djarin Was Never Supposed To Be Aragorn Of The Mandalorian

Jon Favreau and Pedro Pascal
Jon Favreau and Pedro Pascal

Ever since the first season of Disney+ The Mandalorian, fans had come to connect with Pedro Pascal in his in-show persona, a Mandalorian named Din Djarin, and his little companion named Grogu. Together they traversed The Outer Rim of the Galaxy Far, Far Away in order to reach their destinations. Therefore, with the third season of the show, fans were excited to finally see Djarin reach his home planet of Mandalore.

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Here, the lone bounty hunter had to go through many trials and tribulations to atone for his sin of taking off his mask in the second season, while the show also introduced Bo-Katan as another important character of the story. But by far, the most important event that took place was Djarin getting a hold of The Darksaber, the fabled lightsaber that only the leader of the Mandalorians may wield.

With this, fans and audiences were convinced that Pedro Pascal’s character would have the same revelation as Aragorn from the Lord Of The Rings franchise. But to everyone’s disappointment, Bo-Katan was revealed to become the leader of Planet Mandalore in the series finale. While this may have come as a shock to many, showrunner Jon Favreau has some explanations that may make you connect the dots and realize that all that happened was destined to be. He said:


“I think people expected Mando… He had the sword, he’s gonna take the throne. He’s gonna change from a travelling bounty hunter to Aragorn or something, And you felt like, ‘Oh, that seems like where you’re gonna go with it. But if you look at the clues, it actually hopefully, makes you reach the conclusion of where we went because if you notice from the first time [Din Djarin] uses the Darksaber, it’s heavy for him, Even The Armorer tells him that.”

Therefore, the conclusion that many found to be unexpected was somehow explained by the creator, although it still didn’t change the fact that it was somewhat disappointing for the fans.

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What’s Next For The Mandalorian?

A still from The Mandalorain Season 3
A still from The Mandalorian Season 3

With the end of Season 3 in the recent past, there have been no more reports of a fourth season coming out in the near future by either Disney or Lucasfilm. But Favreau has confirmed that he has written the scripts for the fourth season already, which means that there is still a possibility of its return. As for what the plot will be, no one knows for certain, but what we know is that in Djarin’s tutelage, Grogu is growing up to be an exceptional user of The Force as they continue their journey through the galaxy.

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