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“It’s important not to exaggerate Tom Holland’s talent”: MCU’s Spider-Man Fails Miserably to Impress Fans and Critics With ‘The Crowded Room’

“It’s important not to exaggerate Tom Holland’s talent”: MCU’s Spider-Man Fails Miserably to Impress Fans and Critics With ‘The Crowded Room’

Tom Holland’s career outside Marvel Cinematic Universe does not look so shiny as compared to when he sports the Spider-Man suit. His latest TV project, The Crowded Room, is being heavily slammed by critics and dismissed by fans on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tom Holland The Crowded Room
Tom Holland in The Crowded Room

Holland’s last screen appearance was on 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, after which he decided to take a break from working on Marvel films. Coming back from a long hiatus and with a new TV show, it did not prove to be the best avenue for the actor.

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Tom Holland’s The Crowded Room Meets Underwhelming Reactions From The Audience

The Crowded Room is an AppleTV project starring Tom Holland as Danny Sullivan, a character with dissociative identity disorder arrested for a string of violent crimes in New York in 1979. The psychological thriller show will witness Sullivan’s story through a series of interviews.

Arriving on June 9, the limited series currently sits at a 14% critic approval score, an incredibly disappointing rating for a television show. Holland appeared on several projects outside the MCU realm, and most of them gave underwhelming performances.

The Crowded Room
The Crowded Room

Some of the Spider-Man actor’s “rotten” projects include Dolittle (15%), Chaos Walking (21%), Cherry (37%), and Uncharted (41%). His work on The Devil All The Time (64%) and Spies in Disguise (77%) have given the audience mixed reactions. Meanwhile, all of the MCU films he starred in were highly rated: Avengers: Endgame (94%), Spider-Man: Homecoming (92%), Spider-Man: Far From Home (90%), and Captain America: Civil War (90%).

This somewhat suggests that the actor’s success mainly lies within the confines of Marvel movies. It is quite disappointing on Holland’s part as an actor who wants to showcase his versatility and add more skills to his repertoire as he attempts to deviate from the image of Peter Parker. Perhaps he has not yet found the most fitting project that would highlight his talent.

Meanwhile, fans have shared their reactions on Twitter regarding Holland’s failed attempt at impressing the audience. Check out their tweets below:

With this bunch of discouraging social media reactions and cutting remarks from critics, it would not be a shock if fans’ anticipation for the series plummets.

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Tom Holland Reveals Playing Danny Sullivan Deeply Affected Him

Tom Holland The Crowded Room 3
The Crowded Room

Tom Holland also served as executive producer in The Crowded Room, and he revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter how the series “broke” him:

This show absolutely broke me in every way possible. I just kept my head down. I dug my heels in, and I just tried my best.”

The actor said that the challenge of playing a complicated character encouraged him to take on the role. Danny Sullivan is based on the story of Billy Milligan, the first person acquitted of crime because of his disorder.

We definitely are telling a piece of fiction. That said, there was a load of research that went into bringing this show to life: reading the book, watching the documentary, watching the film, speaking to experts. It was really important to us to tell this story in an authentic way, as well as a sensitive way.”

Due to the early negative reception of the show, Holland might not be too pleased after the hard work and effort he put into the project.

The Crowded Room arrives on AppleTV this June 9.

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