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“It’s impossible to make everybody happy”: Chloe Zhao Addresses Returning for Eternals 2 After Angelina Jolie Starrer Failed With Just $402M at Box-Office

“It’s impossible to make everybody happy”: Chloe Zhao Addresses Returning for Eternals 2 After Angelina Jolie Starrer Failed With Just $402M at Box-Office

Chloe Zhao’s 2021 film, Eternals, has been one of the worst films released under the MCU by Marvel Studios. Despite featuring stars like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington, Barry Keoghan, and many others, the film’s dull choreography and bland screenplay led the film to fall flat on its face at the box office. However, even after the film’s poor performance and being the worst-rated Marvel project so far, the studio is reportedly planning a sequel.

Marvel's Eternals was not the best that the studio had to offer.

And the director of the film recently addressed the rumor during her recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. While talking about the film and a potential sequel, she said that with a massive audience like Marvel fans, it would be hard for a filmmaker to make everyone happy and satisfied with what a filmmaker has to represent.

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Chloe Zhao on a Potential Sequel For Eternals

During her recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chloe Zhao talked about the 2021 Marvel film, Eternals. The film holding the record for the worst MCU project so far has been highly criticized for the way it was presented on-screen. Critics described Zhao’s Marvel debut as “stale, repetitious, and heavy-handed.”

Chloé Zhao on the set of Eternals
Chloé Zhao on the set of Eternals

However, considering that the 2021 film ended with a cliffhanger, and is part of a 15-year-old franchise, Eternals is highly expected to have a sequel. And people have been curious since rumors started that the sequel is already in the earliest stages of development.

The director of the film, Chloe Zhao, was recently asked if she is interested in pursuing a sequel for her first Marvel film. However, the award-winning director did not seem interested in talking about it, as she answered the question by saying, “No comment.”

Chloé Zhao
Chloé Zhao

The studio has not confirmed anything regarding an Eternals sequel yet. However, Zhao’s comment has led to assumptions that the studio might be planning a sequel and that the Nomadland director is just not allowed to talk about it. The Oscar-winning director also talked about the harsh reviews Eternals received followed by its release.

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Chloe Zhao Addresses Eternals’ Criticism

With critics’ reviews bombing the film, it managed to garner only $402 million worldwide, making it one of the lowest-grossing films in the franchise. During her recent interview, Chloe Zhao was also asked if she was frustrated by critics’ remarks about the 2021 film. The Rider director shared that it is hard for any filmmaker to deal with such a huge audience.

“It’s exciting that we’re all so different, and we’re all changing and growing every day. But with a global audience, it’s almost impossible to make everybody perfectly happy.”

Eternals director, Chloé Zhao
Eternals director, Chloé Zhao

She further stated that by presenting something to an audience as big as the Marvel fandom, she expected some sort of criticism. So she wanted to make sure that she put out her vision for the story and its characters in the best way possible.

Although there is no confirmation regarding her next Marvel project, Zhao is working on her upcoming project, Dracula. She confirmed that she is working on the script of the film and will also direct the western take on Dracula.

Eternals is available to stream on Disney+.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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