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“It’s incredibly important to the character”: Henry Cavill Gets Brutally Honest About Warner Bros Making a Controversial Change to Superman in Black Adam

Henry Cavill Gets Brutally Honest About Warner Bros Making a Controversial Change to Superman

Henry Cavill’s comeback as DC’s Superman was big news for everyone, especially for the fans of the superhero franchise. So naturally, his character being reintroduced in the post-credit scenes of Black Adam has been the talk of the town.

But it turns out that Warner Bros. made a major change with regard to Superman before teasing his return through a cameo in the movie. And the British actor pointed out the same as he touched on the subject in one of his recent interviews.

Henry Cavill tells all on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast
Henry Cavill

The Enola Holmes 2 star talked about the importance of the theme song attached to his DC character and what it means to him, as well as how he felt when WB decided to change it following his appearance as Clark Kent in Black Adam. 

WB changed a major aspect of Superman following Henry Cavill’s return to DC

In a recent interview following the release of his new film, Enola Holmes 2, Henry Cavill also talked about his return to the DCEU as Superman when he was asked about his cameo in Jaume Collet-Serra’s Black Adam. 

In the film starring Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, Cavill’s Superman is also seen towards the end with the classic John Williams title track from Superman II (1980) playing in the background. Upon being asked how he’d felt during the time with that historic theme song playing in his cameo marking his comeback as Superman, Cavill explained the reality behind the situation.

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Black Adam FandomWire
Henry Cavill as Superman

The Dawn of Justice actor noted that although Williams’ theme song is a highly imperative aspect when it comes to Superman, he shared especially strong feelings for the main soundtrack by Hans Zimmer from his 2013 film, Man of Steel. 

“John Williams’ theme song is obviously incredibly important to the character. It’s something which resonates with the character and I think anyone in the world hears that…um, anyone in the world…a large portion of the world who hears that will recognize it immediately as Superman and feel a certain way about it. And I do think it’s wonderful.” 

But there’s a catch. It turns out that Cavill feels more strongly toward the Hans Zimmer title track as compared to the John Williams one, regardless of how iconic the latter might be.

Henry Cavill is team Hans Zimmer

The entire soundtrack album of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has been produced by the revered German music producer, Hans Zimmer. And just like the original John Williams title track of the Superman films from the ’90s, the former has a certain significance attached to it as well, even more so for Cavill.

The Witcher star talked about the same in his interview as he acknowledged the classic theme song whilst simultaneously pointing out his true preference which WB apparently seems to have overlooked. Cavill mentioned how he bears “incredibly powerful feelings” when it comes to the Hans Zimmer theme song and the emotions it evoked when he witnessed it in the first trailers of Man of Steel that had come out during that time.

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Man of Steel poster
Man of Steel

“But at the same time, equally so, I think, Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel score was just as wonderful. I have incredibly powerful feelings about that because I remember watching the trailers, the first teasers come out, and I was sitting there with my friend and we’re both so excited about it, and the way the score plays…Both are incredibly powerful in their own ways and both are just as iconic for the character.”  

Nevertheless, Cavill seems to be content with simply being “back in the suit”, regardless of whether his Superman was accompanied by John Williams’ or Hans Zimmer’s title track because, at the end of the day, both the artists are, as the actor said, “extraordinary.” 

Black Adam is out in theatres.

Enola Holmes 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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