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“It’s just bullsh*t”: Dillon Danis Will Lose a Lot of Money Because of His Attacking Logan Paul’s Fiancée Nina Agdal

Dillon Danis Will Lose a Lot of Money Because of His Attacking Logan Paul's Fiancée Nina Agdal

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul’s feud seems to only get worse with how often the two have taunted each other. Their match is less than a month away and it has only increased the fueling fire between the two. Things got so heated that Danis even decided to include Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. He said some rather harsh things to her and even took to social media so as to speak his mind about the situation.

Logan Paul's fiance Nina Agdal
Nina Agdal

Not only was he posting some concerning content but had been boasting about them nonstop. This kept on going for a while until Agdal decided to take action against him. Not only did she sue Danis but she also managed to get a restraining order against the Mix Martial Artist.

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Taunting Logan Paul’s Fiancée Costed Dillon Danis a Lot

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul’s feud went out of hand very quickly when the former began posting and commenting about the latter’s fiancée. Not only did Nina Agdal file a lawsuit against him, but she also went ahead and filed for a restraining order. Although initially he seemed rather unphased by the actions, they soon backfired drastically. Danis confided in Andrew Tate while appearing on a livestream on Adin Live via YouTube.

Fandomwire Video
Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis

“Even if I win the case. Right. I still have to pay over 400k dollars and just attorney fees, lawyer fees, so it’s just bullsh*t when I’m promoting a fight. This is the biggest fight he has ever done. And Or event he’s ever done. And I made the whole event.”

Danis admitted that he took a pretty big hit from the lawsuit and whether he wins or not, he would end up losing a massive chunk of money. He stated that the fee for his lawyers alone would cost over $400,000. The martial artist stopped commenting on Agdal only after he realized just how much it was costing him. Even when she sued him, he kept posting and commenting.

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Andrew Tate Thinks Nina Agdal Purposefully Drowned Dillon Danis in Legal Fee

In the same live stream on Adin Live via YouTube, Andrew Tate stated how it is some sort of a tactic that is often used to distract people. According to him, this lawsuit was filed on purpose in order to attack Dillon Danis’s finances and distract him from things he prioritized before.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

“That’s what they do. It’s always been the primary weapon of the matrix lawfare. They just attack you with lawsuits and they try to drain you financially and try to distract you, it’s endless.”

Danis even commented on how he believes Logan Paul doesn’t want him to show up for the fight and would rather he stay away worrying about other matters. Danis pointed at how it was an attempt to make Paul look like a hero without even fighting him as intended.

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