“It’s kind of plasticy”: Like Christian Bale, Charlie Cox Felt Extremely Miserable While Donning His Daredevil Suit for an Entirely Different Reason

Like Christian Bale, Charlie Cox Felt Extremely Miserable While Donning His Daredevil Suit for an Entirely Different Reason
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The fans of Marvel superhero Daredevil are very excited to get updates on the next adventure of Charlie Cox. There is news about the reboot of the show Daredevil, which will air on Disney+. The actor also did a cameo in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, he played the role of Spider-Man’s lawyer in the film. Cox wears a fitted costume with a mask covering his identity in the show, however, wearing a bodysuit is not as easy as it appears.

Charlie Cox Daredevil
Charlie Cox as Daredevil

All comic book superheroes need to wear suits, which can often become very uncomfortable during the shoot.

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Charlie Cox reveals problems in wearing the Daredevil suit

In a conversation with Collider, Charlie Cox opened up on the issues related to wearing the Daredevil suit for the series. He wore the suit for the first time in the final episode of season one. He shared that it was the first try for the costume, which they later reinvented.

He said,

“He had like armored protection around the wrists and the ankles — and they took that out, and they kind of just redesigned the shape of it all. And that was actually genuinely quite comfortable.”

Netflix's The Daredevil
Charlie Cox as Daredevil

However, it was not the only problem with the costume, even after it was improvised. He explained: 


“The only difficulty with the suit itself is when we film in the winter it gets very cold because it’s kind of plasticy, it’s kind of more like the material, and so that takes on the temperature of the outside. And so there would be nights when we’d be on a rooftop at 3 AM and it was very cold.”

Daredevil is streaming on Disney+. Daredevil: Born Again is set to come out in 2024.

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Christian Bale revealed why he hated his Batsuit

Christian Bale played the role of cape crusader Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy. He shared in an interview with MTV about the interesting reason behind his signature Batman voice. Bale shared that he was put in Val Kilmer’s Bat-suit when he auditioned for the role. He recalled the suit was very uncomfortable and ill-fitted. He said,


“I got there. They put me in Val Kilmer’s suit. It didn’t even fit properly, and I stood in it and I went ‘I feel like an idiot.’ What kind of guy walks around, dressed like a bat? And is then going to go ‘Hello, how are you? Just ignore that I’m dressed as a bat.’ Of course, he’s meant to be doing this. If you look at the history of the guy and the pain that he went through. I went ‘I can’t do this in a normal voice. I have to become a beast in order to sell this to myself.'”

Christian Bale Batman
Christian Bale as Batman

Christian Bale’s BatVoice played a prominent role in helping him win the coveted part that gave him unmatched fame. He played the role of Batman in three films and hung his suit in 2012.

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Source- Collider, MTV


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