“It’s like getting an icy dagger to my heart”: Disney Betrayed Its Biggest Fan After Giving Actor a Great Role Only To Delete It Later

Jack Whitehall felt betrayed by Disney, even though he is a big fan of the studio.

“It’s like getting an icy dagger to my heart”: Disney Betrayed Its Biggest Fan After Giving Actor a Great Role Only To Delete It Later


  • Jack Whitehall, a big fan of Disney, was excited to land a small role in Disney's Frozen as Gothi, the troll priest.
  • However, Disney cut his line out of the film and he was heartbroken when he found out about it during the premiere.
  • Being an absolute fan of the studio, Whitehall admitted that he would gladly take up any Disney role if offered.
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Landing blockbuster Disney roles is often a dream come true for Hollywood actors. Evidently, even Jack Whitehall was equally excited when he was offered a small role in Disney’s Frozen. Being the biggest fan of the movie, the actor was more than happy to play the role of Gothi the troll.

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Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall

However, unfortunately, Disney appeared to have betrayed its biggest fan by cutting his line out. Apparently, after Jack Whitehall nailed his role in the 2013 animated movie, he came to know during the premiere, how his line was scrapped out of the film. Heartbroken about it, the actor spoke about his experience. 


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Jack Whitehall Was Excited for His Small Role in Frozen

Despite having several acclaimed projects under his belt, nothing could make Jack Whitehall more proud than his work with Disney. Being an absolute fan of the studio, the actor admitted that he would gladly take up any Disney role if offered. And certainly, he was given one opportunity in the 2013 movie, Frozen

Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall was offered a role in Disney’s Frozen (2013)

Fans might not know, but Jack Whitehall played the role of Gothi, the troll priest in the blockbuster. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the actor reflected on how he was super excited to be a part of Disney, especially since he’s such a big fan. Speaking about the time he was contacted and offered the role, Whitehall stated, 

I was very excited when the call came in, cause I’m a massive Disney fan and Frozen called me up, said ‘we’re making this film, and we would like you to be a part of it’. And I was like, ‘yep, sign me up, which Princess am I playing’. And I played a troll in the film. I had one line in the film, but I was like ‘yeah I’d love to do it.” 

Jack Whitehall
Whitehall as Gothi, the troll priest

Sharing his excitement, Jack Whitehall went ahead with the story and disclosed how he was eventually betrayed by Disney. 


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Disney Betrayed Jack Whitehall by Deleting His Role 

Speaking with Graham Norton, on the show, Jack Whitehall recalled how excited he was.


I learned my line, I went in, I absolutely nailed it. Nailed it, it was so good. And then I told everyone that I was in Frozen, I did a press junkie in front of the poster. I was so excited.” the actor mentioned.

However, despite his excitement for the role and his absolute best performance, Whitehall mentioned how he was betrayed by Disney.

Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall was edited out of Frozen

Six months later, popped on the black tie, went down to the Odin in Putney. It wasn’t a premier, it was a mistake. I watched the film, got to the end and the line wasn’t there. So I called my agent, there must be some kind of mistake, this must be some different director’s cut that I’ve seen. And she went, ‘oh no I forgot to tell you…they said that they have reduced your part in the film to a non-speaking role.’ In an animation.” 

Jack Whitehall claimed that he was heartbroken by the way he was betrayed by Disney and mentioned what hurt him the most.

Whitehall felt betrayed by Disney

The worst thing is that it then became the biggest film ever. I love the film, and every time I watch it, it’s like getting an icy dagger to my heart. And the song as well, it’s like they are heckling me. ‘Let it go’, no I won’t.” 

And clearly, Jack Whitehall isn’t over his betrayal as the actor went on with his career and kept bringing it up during different interviews. 

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