“It’s like the most infuriating thing”: Jennifer Lawrence Couldn’t Convince Her 4 Year Old X-Men Obsessed Nephew She Plays Mystique of the X-Men

Jennifer Lawrence Couldn't Convince Her 4 Year Old X-Men Obsessed Nephew She Plays Mystique of the X-Men
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Jennifer Lawrence has been playing as Mystique in the X-Men for as long as fans can remember. Her role, while not one of her most prominent ones, is still a big addition to her list. While she isn’t much fond of her role, she is officially a superhero. Unfortunately, her nephew does not recognize her as part of the X-Men.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence first debuted as the character in 2011 with the movie X-Men: First Class and her latest appearance had been in Dark Phoenix. She adorned the role and has since then been playing the character but to convince her nephew, who is a massive fan of the mutants, she cannot make him believe that she is a part of the X-Men.

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Jennifer Lawrence Tried To Convince Her Nephew That She Is Mystique

While she had been meeting her nephew, Jennifer Lawrence tried to make him believe that she was a part of his favorite comic book series. According to her, her nephew Bear is obsessed with X-Men and knew everything about them. To get him to believe that she plays Mystique was a task on its own because he refused to acknowledge that as a fact.

Jennifer Lawrence music career
Jennifer Lawrence

The actress has been trying to convince him that she’s an X-Men but he supposedly hates that. Her attempts keep failing and he does not consider her a real X-Men member. To this, she further said how infuriated she becomes when her nephew irritates Lawrence about not actually being one of the X-Men. When she tried telling him that Lawrence plays Mystique, her nephew simply ignored her and refused to acknowledge her as a member.

The multiple attempts that she has made to convince him have all backfired in her face. While she said goodbye to her role in Dark Phoenix, she kept trying to make her nephew believe that she had the role of one of his favorite comic book heroes.


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Jennifer Lawrence Hated Playing Mystique By The End Of It

When she first took up the role, it had been enticing for her. This slowly started fading and Lawrence began hating playing the character. What made it difficult for her to play Mystique had been the massive amount of body paint and prosthetics that had to be put on her to make her role perfect for the screen.

Jennifer Lawrence getting ready to play Mystique

“The guys who made it were like: ‘Well, she’s a girl. She doesn’t go to the bathroom!'”

The costume was highly limiting and the fumes that she had been in taking because of the body paint could have been affecting her badly as well.


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