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“It’s mind-boggling how he’s never been brought to the big screen”: The Rock Disses WB Yet Again as Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate Wins Hearts in Black Adam

Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate

For quite a while now, Dwayne Johnson has been seen taking direct hits at Warner Bros. for not doing things that are in the best interest of the DCEU, for starters, not reinstating Henry Cavill’s Superman in the superhero franchise. And now, he has yet again spoken up against WB for something similar, this time involving one of his co-stars, Pierce Brosnan.

Pierce Brosnan FandomWire
Pierce Brosnan

The Rock very boldly voiced his opinions about the fact that despite Doctor Fate being such a powerful and captivating superhero, WB had not brought that particular character on the screen for decades until now, thereby leaving it devoid of any real recognition.

Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate in Black Adam 

Doctor Fate is widely known as the esteemed founder besides Hawkman, of the oldest superhero team to exist in DC which dates back to the 1940s. The original superhero squad involved some of the most popular superheroes including Green Lantern, The Spectre, the Flash, etc.

In Black Adam, Pierce Brosnan plays the role of the sorcerer and powerful superhero who is seen using his magical and superhuman abilities to fight Dwayne Johnson‘s anti-hero, along with his companions including, Hawkman, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone.

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Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate and Aldis Hodge's Hawkman
Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate and Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman

Besides the Helmet of Fate that grants him a great deal of power, Doctor Fate also has various other superhuman abilities like having visions about the future and being able to come up with crafty illusions.

Kent Nelson, aka, Doctor Fate’s background has been changed a little in the movie from what it had been portrayed as in the comic books. But this change only proved to be a fresher and more unique contribution to the overall plot of the film.

The Rock takes a hit at WB with regard to Doctor Fate

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam has managed to win the audience over almost effortlessly; while critics deemed the film as an unsuccessful one, DC fans absolutely loved everything about it, especially Johnson’s anti-hero as well as the Justice Society of America. And one particular member from the JSA seems to be standing out the most these days.

Pierce Brosnan, who plays the role of Doctor Fate in Black Adam, one of the original founders of the Justice Society, is gaining tons of acknowledgment for fitting perfectly in the shoes of the character.

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Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate sharing the screen with Dwayne Jhonson as Black Adam.
Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate sharing the screen with Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

And fans aren’t the only ones pitching in such high praises for Brosnan’s superhero. The Rock himself has mentioned how Doctor Fate is “one of the most powerful (and coolest) superheroes in the DC pantheon.” Johnson also went ahead to take a direct swing at Warner Bros. for not giving Doctor Fate the rightful position he received by not putting him on the “big screens.” 

“Mind-boggling how he’s never been brought to the big screens in 80+ years,” the Red Notice star mentioned on his Twitter. He also complimented Brosnan as he said how the Die Another Day actor was the best fit for the role.

Although it’s a long shot, giving the Justice Society of America a film of its own might just end up becoming the best decision DC would make in a long time.

Black Adam is now in cinemas.

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