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“It’s my turn to show them off”: After Being Forced to Rush Bleach’s Original Ending, Tite Kubo Confirms He Outdid Himself for Thousand Year Blood War Finale

After Being Forced to Rush Bleach's Original Ending, Tite Kubo Confirms He Outdid Himself for Thousand Year Blood War Finale

Bleach is also often called one of the “Big Three” shonen-style anime, and that is deservingly so. The majority of the credits for the major success of the shows obviously goes to none other but the creator of the series, Tite Kubo himself. Ever since the beginning of the Bleach manga back in 2001, Kubo has only aimed to bring the best of his work to the audience, granting him the title as one of the greatest mangaka ever.


Airing from 2004 to 2012, the original animated series had to be ended swiftly back a decade ago due to the feedback and low ratings from the audience at the time. However, in a recent discussion with fans Via Reddit, Kubo revealed how he has been working hard this time around to bring to the audience a real ending to the ongoing cour of the Thousand-Year Blood War.

Tite Kubo
Tite Kubo, Creator Of Bleach

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Kubo Outdoes Himself For The Finale Of The Separation Arc

While we move forward towards the end of the second cour of Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War, Tite Kubo revealed in the before-mentioned interaction how he has been working on these two-episode specials ever since the beginning of the entire second season.

Talking about the ending, Kubo said, “This week, I oversaw the additional scenes at the beginning of Episode 24 and the addition of additional events for the Royal Guards. This time, it’s my turn to show them off.

What Kubo essentially meant by this was the fact that he personally has been overlooking the development of the ending of the season, making sure the hour-long finale is going to be something that will become something memorable for the fans of the series forever.

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Fandomwire Video
Tite Kubo's Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War
Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Finale

What does the future hold for Bleach

Right as of now, it has not been revealed by the studios responsible for the production of the series if the animated adaptation of Bleach will continue or not after they are finally done with the Thousand-Year Blood War, but the fans can only hope otherwise.

The comeback of Bleach with the Thousand-Year Blood War adaptation is something that has truly given life to the franchise again, as a decade after the original series had stopped airing, fans were too hyped up to see their favourite series get revived once again, and it would only make sense for the producers to hop on this opportunity and keep the anime going.

Anime: Bleach
No Confirmation For Anime After Thousand Year Blood war

However, it is not over for the fans yet, as two additional cours remain before we finally approach the end of the Bleach TYBW, and if by the end the series is able to get enough positive feedback, the studio might want to continue with the adaptation.

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