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“It’s never too late to get ripped”: Mark Wahlberg Stupefies Fans, Takes Sub-Zero Cold Plunge To Make Even Seasoned Bodybuilders Squeal and Run

"It's never too late to get ripped": Mark Wahlberg Stupefies Fans, Takes Sub-Zero Cold Plunge To Make Even Seasoned Bodybuilders Squeal and Run

One good look at Mark Wahlberg’s social media account will tell you that apart from being a remarkable actor, he is also a fitness enthusiast like no other. Sharing his intense workout routines with his fans, Mark Wahlberg has inspired many to start their transformation journey as well. I mean, it’s tough to not get motivated by his videos!

Mark Wahlberg 2
Mark Wahlberg

At the age of 51, Mark Wahlberg has left a lot of youngsters behind when it comes to fitness. He knows what works for his body and what doesn’t. And while he doesn’t shy away from going hard at the gym, he also makes sure to give his body the recovery it needs and deserves. Following a pretty common yet not-so-easy recovery method, Mark Wahlberg takes a plunge into a tub filled to the brim with icy cold water.

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Mark Wahlberg Takes a Dip Into Icy Cold Water

Mark Wahlberg does the cold plunge
Mark Wahlberg does the cold plunge

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Mark Wahlberg does what’s necessary in order to maintain the Greek-God-like physique of his. And if that means taking a dip into a cold plunge tank and sitting there neck-deep, then so be it. Taking to Instagram, Wahlberg posted a video where he was seen doing exactly this.

He captioned the post, “I thought Boston was cold.” In the video, Wahlberg compares the feeling to that of being in the Atlantic, before getting corrected by his wife who reminded him it’s actually the Pacific. Although the Boogie Nights actor was breathing heavily throughout the dip, he wasn’t one to back out from a challenge.

Wahlberg’s comment sections are filled with fans and admirers praising him for giving them hope that it’s never too late to start a fitness journey.


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Seven times Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, is also on Wahlberg’s side when it comes to this recovery method. He also shared a video talking about the benefits of the cold plunge as he got into 39-degree waters for recovering his body. He recommends everyone try it out and that people must challenge themselves every day.

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Another Recovery Method Used By Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg used cryo chambers for recovery
Mark Wahlberg used cryo chambers for recovery

Back in 2018, Wahlberg appeared on Ellen where he talked about how he uses a cryo chamber to let his body recover after a tough workout session at the time. Wahlberg stated,

“The cryo chamber was like a 150 [degree] below zero. You go in for three minutes, but you can move around, you can listen to a song. And it really kind of helps with your recovery…You go in, you know, you have a mask on, gloves, socks, a hat…I have a pair of underwear on.”

When Ellen DeGeneres asked him how his “stuff” deals with the cryo chamber, the actor replied, “It just shrivels up a little, but it’s okay.” Well, there is no stopping Wahlberg when it comes to treating his body like a temple! He truly is an inspiration.

Source: Instagram | Mark Wahlberg

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