“It’s not a big deal”: Bob Odenkirk’s Comments Break Better Call Saul Fans’ Hearts as the Show Fails to Win a Single Emmy After 53 Nominations

Bob Odenkirk was Heartbroken as Better Call Saul Was Never Awarded an Emmy Though it Was Nominated 53 Times

"It's not a big deal": Bob Odenkirk's Comments Break Better Call Saul Fans' Hearts as the Show Fails to Win a Single Emmy After 53 Nominations


  • Bob Odenkirk's old interview surfaced after Better Call Saul failed to win the Emmys, though it was nominated 53 times.
  • A fan made an edit featuring Bob Odenkirk over the years, where he lost the award, and each time he was heartbroken.
  • Fans came forward to support Bob Odenkirk as they believed that award shows are rigged.
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Bob Odenkirk became a television icon, after his performance as Saul Goodman for the popular TV Shows, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Odenkirk’s portrayal of the unethical lawyer was immensely loved by the fans, which made the fans say that these two might be the greatest shows to be ever created in the history of humankind.

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman
Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman

Sadly, even though many people consider that Bob Odenkirk has embodied the role, the show failed to win a single Emmy, despite the show earning 53 nominations over the years. As he lost, out on the 2023 Emmys, an old interview of the actor surfaced, where Odenkirk expressed his heartache and disappointment on how close he came each time but failed to win the award. The moment was shared by the fans as well, as they came forward to support him on social media.

Bob Odenkirk Was Disappointed As Better Call Saul Fails to Win Emmys Despite Being Nominated 53 Times

Bob Odenkirk is a phenomenal actor and has done a number of roles throughout his career, but his career reached new heights when he portrayed the role of Saul Goodman where he helped Walter White, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, to build his meth empire. Odenkirk was featured for only 43 episodes in Breaking Bad, which was enough for him to win the hearts of the fans and earn him a spin-off show of his own! 

A still from Better Call Saul
A still from Better Call Saul

Odenkirk portrayed the character so perfectly that he became synonymous with the character, and it is next to impossible to think that some other actor would have played the role as good as him. However, despite doing a great job in the TV Series, Better Call Saul, the show never won an Emmys, to add insult to the injury the show was nominated 53 times over the years, and even in 2023 it was nominated but lost yet again.

As a result, an old interview of Bod Odenkirk surfaced with ShowBiz Express, where the interviewer asked him if he is feeling “fear, excitement, all of the above, what a lot of butterflies?” The Nebraska actor replied,

Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul
Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul

“Not even one. Yeah, I’ve been to this a lot, sorry. It’s fun to come but it’s not a big deal. I’m proud that the shows up at the top, I love all the people involved.”

Nevertheless, Better Call Saul does not need an Emmy to prove its worth, as fans believe that Odenkirk’s performance in the show was memorable, leaving an everlasting impact in their minds.


Fans Support Bob Odenkirk as He Fails To Win an Emmy Despite Having 53 Nominations Over the Years

As the old interview of the actor surfaced online, a fan page on Instagram with the username (@filmgenre), made an edit featuring the comments from the 2017 interview, where he was shown losing out on the award over the years.

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman in a still from Better Call Saul
A still from Better Call Saul

The edit received a heartfelt response from the fans of the actor and the show as they came forward to support him.

“Deserved it every single time he was nominated he has the best acting performance is a series ever”

“4 seasons of breaking bad and 6 seasons of better call saul. crazy he didn’t win anything”

“Let’s make him a special award for being internet’s favorite lawyer”

“I hope he knows he’s won the hearts of many hearts that don’t even watch this old people award show.”

“these award shows hella rigged, he won our hearts.”

“You can tell deep down on the last one he did want to win one, and he had a little hope left too :(“

Nevertheless, the fans believe that Bob Odenkirk is the real winner, as fans will forever remember him as the man who changed the perception of the viewers, and made Saul Goodman to be the best morally grey written in the history of TV Series.


Better Call Saul can be streamed on Netflix.


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